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Does Brenda Need WinPatrol Too?
Posted On 04/18/2008 19:38:51 by infoave

Brenda has everything else, does she need WinPatrol too?
Should I download WinPatrol if I  already have Avast, Spy Doctor, Zappit, Spybot?  Of course these show up on the toolbar at the bottom at startup along with my picture programs, Dell Support, music jukebox, HP digital imaging monitor and I have tried to get rid of these to no avail.  Thanks.  Brenda

Our answer
WinPatrol is not an anti-virus, anti-spyware, or a cleaner program. Its functions do not overlap those of Spyware Doctor, Avast or Zappit. What WinPatrol does (among many other things) is allow you to configure your computer and manage start ups. Unlike using Windows built-in "Config" tool, WinPatrol tells you what every program starting with Windows is. MS Config gives you only the program's name, it does not give you many details. Hence, you won't be exactly sure of what you're disabling.

You don't need your picture programs, Dell Support, Music Jukebox, HP Digital Imagining Monitor starting with Windows. All those programs do is use up precious resources and therefore adversely affect your computer's performance - in simple terms - they slow down your computer.

At Windows Start-up, less is always more. The less you have starting with Windows the faster your computer will be. The reason? Programs which start with Windows always run in the background - and programs that always run in the background are silently sucking up your computer's resources often for no other reason than to be "on call" should you need them. You can open programs as you need them, you to need programs to be "on call" in case you need them.

When disabling start up programs follow this rule-of-thumb: Never disable your anti-virus program, one anti-spyware program or anything Microsoft system file. Always allow these to start with Windows. Everything else can be disabled - you will need to make decisions as to which programs you would need to start with Windows (we allow CalendarPal and RoboForm to start with Windows because we need them to start with Windows). Each person will have their own preferences. But always, when it comes to Windows Startup programs, less is more.

We highly recommend WinPatrol. It's one of the first programs we install on any new PC or laptop we buy. We allow it to start with Windows because it is always on patrol. Its start up manager is second-to-none. It's easy to use, and allows you to easily take control of your startup programs.

WinPatrol also lets you see tasks that are running and if one of them is "frozen" you can kill the task from within WinPatrol. You can see any super hidden files on your computer (like BOOT.INI). You can manage Internet Explorer add-ons with WinPatrol, add file types, change the program associated with a certain file type, control scheduled tasks, and review, disable, or activate Windows services.

WinPatrol is unlike any other program. It's a wonderful addition to any Windows computer. It's like a Swiss Army Knife - it has a myriad of different uses. Best of all, WinPatrol offers a free version which is wonderfully capable. And while the Pro Version offers even more details about your system and the programs and services running on it and more features, the free version is one of the best, if not THE best freeware program of them all.

WinPatrol is one of our most trusted programs. You can read more about and/or download WinPatrol by visiting Bill P's WinPatrol home page.

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