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Power Of Love
Posted On 11/19/2009 20:43:20 by snowdragon

I recently posted the below as a Bulletin but have since decided to share with everyone.

Sorry I have been absent.  Until recently I was content living my days the best I could with what I have been given. Still do and been happy as well.

Long long ago I had given up on romance, locked my heart up and almost tossed the key, but glad I didn't. 

I had this notion that nobody would give me a second look, I am dirt poor, in a wheelchair, have multiple health issues and have only but myself to offer. Definately not the best cookie in the box.

I can also be a hard headed old fool at times, that alone almost just cost me the opportunity of a life time.

A little over ten weeks ago I start chatting with a beautiful Lady, she is paying me lots of attention, I barely notice. Yes right now there is mileage that seperates us, but when we chat, it is as if we are face to face.

Somehow she found the rusty old key to unlock my hard old heart and walked right in and managed to get the old fire lit again.

We chatted long sessions, my issues did not matter to her, she was interested in me, we had many items in common, similar interests, and oft times think the same way.

Yep, the old dragon has fallen in love, I was happy before maybe just content, but now I am happier than ever I could imagine. It just happened, could not have been planned or scripted.

I also have proof that the power of love exists. After my heart attack in 2006, I have had cardiac tests six times a year, always comparing the new test to the previous one. Up until recently there was only marginal improvement.

A couple weeks ago I had the tests done, Lokking at this new test results, my doctor could not believe it to the point she had the test redone thinking equipment was faulty., the second came out just as the first one had.

Where the results were only marginal in the past, this new test showed a vast improvement in my heart, All of the myriads of tests I have on a regular basis are the same way all show sudden and drastic changes to the good.

It has to be the power of love, can be nothing else because otherwise I still live my life the way I always have, except now love resides in my heart and it is absolutely beautiful.


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11/20/2009 22:07:05

What a wonderful story.  Isn't it amazing how just knowing that someone thinks you are something special, actually makes you feel special.  I am truly amazed at how the human spirit can adjust to situations.  See...you may have given up on you, but someone else saw something in you and did not give up.  I love it!


11/20/2009 08:45:41

We all need love,sometimes you have to open your heart.....Apparently you have!! Best of luck to you and yours.....

11/20/2009 07:24:21

  A beautiful story, I have not been to blogs for some time but If there is going to be 'real' stories like this I may come back.

11/20/2009 05:44:13

A nice blog. Thanks. Love and understanding can work wonders, for sure.

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