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73 years old
Port Orchard, Washington
United States

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JOB: Government
RELIGION: Christian - other
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I saw one last night on TV called "The James Mink Story" that i really liked.

gospel. I play Saxophone in a community Band & was in the National Guard Band for 17 years. I also play at church & at Nursing Home Services

1.THE BIBLE!!! I read it every day & always find something new. I keeps me close 2 God & is alkways interesting & inspiring.A few times I've read the Bible through in a year. It can be done by reading 4 nchapters each day.I read 2 chapters in the Old Testament, 1 from either Psalms Or Probverbs, & 1 from the New Testament. The 1st time I did it, I put a nmark on each chapter after I read it, 2 keep track. I also really enjoy reading newspapers & kids' books. I read 1 recently called something like the Green Turtle Mystery by Ellery Queen Jr. that I really liked.

My favorite is swimming pool color--aqua, but I like all colors & colorful things.

fried chicken

I love NOTH & I appreciate all my friends & the comments I receive but I usually access the site on the library computer because I don't have internet at home. Since they remodeled the library about 3 months ago, their settings won't allow me to post anything on NOTH or respond 2 any comments, etc. When I'm able 2 use a private computer I'll send a bulletin.

I'm a born again Christian & Jesus Christ is #1 in my life. He's given me tons of blessings! I retired in 2012 & have been so busy ever since. I'm involved in the music ministry & nursing home ministry at Living Word church in Port Orchard && I play in the Hometown Band in Silverdale & in the orchestra for cantatas at Manchester Community church.

animals- I have 1 dog & 2 indoor & 3 outdoor cats. 1 of my cats looks almost exactly like the cat in the picture, but her tail isn't as bushy.


I have a Pinterest page, "funny cats."

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09/23/2020 08:56:34

wishing you a most wonderful day..mk

09/21/2020 09:56:49

enjoy the last day of summer..hugs..mk

09/19/2020 20:54:19

Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.

I hope all is well with you.

I am a little late visiting you.

Been sick with sinus headaches. I am resting a lot.

Ill be back soon. Please take care. God Bless you. 

You are in my prayers always.

09/15/2020 10:34:44

it's a beautiful day here, going to do some cleaning up of plants, and some in my garden. hope where you are it's nice also..hugs..mk

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