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cute and lovable
Every day is a great day!

56 years old

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I like a good movie but I refuse to watch blood guts and gore!!!!That garbage should not be aloud. We have enough syco people out there we don't need to encourage more!!


I love a lot of difrant music.Classical, jazz, rock and even some heavy metal



Just finished reading a book called Playing with the Boys. it was ok, not that great. I am now reading a book calledDark Symphony By Christine Feehan. this book is about a changling, some one who can shift shape. So far it is good, I just wished I could read a book with out the book hitting me in the face. I tend to fall asleep, because I am so tired. LOL


I have many favourite colors, I can not just limit myself to just one. I love turquoise and I totally love blue and now we can not forget black love it always have. Everyone use to tell me that black represented death. I did not care. And I still don’t care. I have the courage to love black always did always will. I always have been different and I probably always will be.
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I love Food, all food.I will prety much eat anything that dosn't eat me first. I have not found too many things that I don’t like. I also love to cook. Now that comes in handy.

For those of you that don’t know, the background on this page is my own painting.
If you would like there are a few more paintings in my gallery feel free to check them out.

I Love to dance

Dance with me
Have a cup and make yourself at home

I am a B.C. flat lander, a stubble jumper, in other words I am originally from Saskatchewan, and I am out in B.C. playing in the mountains, and I do mean playing. I live in Wine County. We have more Wineries than any other type of business. We also have more award winning wines coming out of a small place than probably any were else in the world. I might be a bit prejudiced. HUMMMM….. Nope, we just make exhalent wine here. You would almost think that everyone out here was a wineo .

Before I came out to the mountains I was a hostess manager in a restaurant. After I broke my leg severely, my life took on a very big change. I found that I could not work on that leg like I had years before. An opportunity came along to move to the mountains and I grabbed it. You know the old saying: If you snooze you loose. Well I don’t like to loose nor do I like to kick myself in the backside. So out to the mountains I came. 2 moves later I live in wine country.

I am an activity co-ordinator in assisted living complex. In other words I get paid, to play games and have fun all day long. You got to love that. I do. I am almost always happy and I am full of energy all the time.

I real do wonder about the people now a days, I have had my heart broken so many times. You see, when I say I love you it actualy meens somthing, I give my heart and my soul, but it seems now a days men do not! I do want to be loved, I have been put on this earth to be loved. unfortunatly men do not belive in treating women like ladys any more. Just because I have raced cars, I ride horses, go camping, fishing, hunting, drive a motorcycle, love down hill skiing, I have gone white water rafting and shot rapids in a canoe, does not mean that I do not want to be treated like a lady. I am soft and I love to cuddle, I want to be wined and dined. I truly hope that I find it, but I am starting to think that I might be a fossil. How ever I still dream of that wonderful white night on his wonderful steed that will carry me away.


I like happy people, laughter, I love sunrises, and sunsets. I love the water, I like to hear it fall, whether or not it is a water fall or if it is a babbling brook, it is comforting to me. I also respect the water.It has great power, I never scoff at it. The power behind water is absolutely incredible. water can be gentale and soft , or furious, never scoff at water!!

I don't like tear or sadness. I don't like people that are rude or unkind.I also do not like people who say they are somthing or someone they are not. In other words I hate liers!! I hate people who miss represent them selves and use other people,

I love to dance and 1 of my favoret is Ballroom dancing.I took ballet for years then whent in to moderen jazz, now I do ballroom I love the latin dances, they are my favoret. I also like to read, paint, sing, swim, water ski, down hill ski, play cards, race cars, ride horses, and go on long walks. I love animals. How ever I don’t like people that are animals, we do have those you know, I have met some. I love to cook and I have a ravines appetite, not only for food but for life it’s self.


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