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71 years old
Laconia, New Hampshire
United States

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Won't you join me for a nice hot beverage and a treat to eat? Enjoy your visit here.

My friend Connie

I love Jesus, and raise dogs for sale. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother.

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02/23/2019 20:13:20

The Miracle of FriendshipYou are loved and in my prayers!! Shirley

02/23/2019 09:50:51

wishing you a day full of sunshine and happiness...hugs

02/23/2019 07:26:37

Happy Saturday!

Rain, rain and more rain  but tryng to think of what it's doing for my flower gardens. So many things are peeping out, budding and blooming.   Only 25 more days til Spring! 

02/23/2019 06:57:04
Good morning.  The weekend has arrived and for most people it will be pleasant.  I'm expecting that snowstorm tonight.  I was surprised at about 2:30 AM to awaken to something that sounded like rain.  It was not.  It is something I like to call rain showers.  It has nothing to do with me taking a shower.  When I finally got up, I looked outside and noticed the foreign objects on people's windshields and the sidewalk.  I decided instead of going out to the street to throw out the water, it is extremely slippery on my sidewalk, to just step outside and throw it off the porch.  It should not be harmful to anything as I have about 3 feet of snow covering the grass.  It also made it easier for me to do without being dressed decently.  I put on some shoes because of the surface of my concrete porch.  It also seemed warm, 31°, but that is coming to an end.  In the next couple days we shall be going below zero again.  And to complicate all of this, I have my dental appointment on Tuesday.  I'm hoping for a phone call from the dental office canceling my appointment.  But of course, it never comes.  Even when my dentist is incapacitated and will not be there, the women of the Gestapo take over and exert the proper pain prescribed by the dentist.  I'm just hoping for reasonable weather to drive to the appointment.  Whatever!  Last year I had the trials and tribulations of an eye examination.  When the office did not call to cancel, I reschedule the appointment for May and within 15 minutes, was sorry for doing so but unable to get my appointment rescheduled for February.  In either case, I await the storm tonight.  5 to 9 inches.  I'm thinking about not even shoveling the front and letting it melt by the end of March or April.  I will have to shovel behind the garage to allow my motor vehicle out of the garage.  Once I return from the dental office on Tuesday, I shall listen to Aretha sing her song.

Yesterday was a good day for me as far as getting out and seeing people in real life and actually hearing the conversations.  And in a couple of stores I actually engaged in dialogue with some people working there.  So now I can enjoy Saturday for approximately 9 1/2 hours.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet! A postscript: just now I hear the snow showers returning. Humbug!

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