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86 years old
Plymouth, Massachusetts
United States

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JOB: Retired
RELIGION: Protestant
MEMBER SINCE: 04/05/2008
STAR SIGN: Capricorn
LAST LOGIN: 06/21/2017 13:08:27

I like a variety of movies from the "oldies but goodies" to musicals & mysteries.
Nothing like a good love story.....

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 photo GardenofEden-1.jpg

I love almost all genre of music. Of course I have been a fan of Frank Sinatra for many years. He has something to sing for everyone. I do not care for rap . Not for me. I love Brazilian and Latin jazz, especially one Antonio Carlos Jobim...The Girl From Ipanima and Aqua de Marco (The Waters of March)...are 2 of his many accomplishments. Too many artists to mention here, mostly from an era gone by.

Frank Sinatra photo: Sinatra frank_sinatra_1.jpg

A good mystery.
I enjoy most of the popular writers..James Patterson, John Grisham, and others...

A good mystery.

I enjoy most of the popular writers..James Patterson, John Grisham, Janet Evanovitch, Sue Grafton,
Mary Higgins Clark........too many to name
not forgetting Stephen King

My cat Callie likes to check them out first......


Purple...(If you haven't noticed.)!!
If I see anything purple and it can be purchased I usually do

I love a good ceasar salad with a nice juicy Ribeye steak with lots of onions and mushrooms.
Then a large piece of pie always hits the spot.

and of course
Chocolate in any form is a must in my
favorite menu.

I also admit to coffee and a
nice muffin - keeps me happy.
Though I do have a preference for
Iced Coffee.


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My contact person and friend is.....



We are New Englanders and loving it.
We expect to get together in the better weather since we live a hop, skip and jump away.

My time is now...................

I like the simple way of living.
Love being around my family.
I enjoy using my computer and iPad.
Sitting on the porch with my coffee on a nice day and listen to the birds sing and watch the flowers grow.


I like a lot of friends, a good book, good music, spending time on my pc, and my cat Calie who is such good company.

I like a lot of friends.......

A good book.
Good music.

Spending time on my pc...

and I love my cat Calie.
She is such good company.

And chatting with neighbors.

What I Don't Like

I don't like
Pretentious folks,
Bad attitudes.
Being lied to.

Being a widow - but I do like the memories of the fun Bill and I had in our life together..

Bill and I clowning around - and a kiss from granddaughter Emily..


Somewhere Out There.......


Sewing, reading, doing crossword puzzles.
Being on the computer with all of my friends.
New and old.
I always say "Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver the other is gold.

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06/22/2017 08:34:19

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05/21/2017 20:30:41

Hi Alice,

All is well here. It's a busy time of year...lots of work in our shop and outside in the yard. I finally got the yard and all my gardens in shape, so now can just enjoy them. I'm glad it has warmed up, but that has brought out the blackflies and mosquitos. 

Love, Ann

05/16/2017 01:34:23

Hi Alice
I've been reding the bulletins, your cup cakes look delicious! You put me to shame, I no longer do any baking and gave my cake mixer to one of the girls.
Love Barb.

05/13/2017 20:53:14

Hugs, Ann

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