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My Beloved Grandma
Posted On 03/22/2013 09:22:09 by peachlvr
Today would have been my beloved grandma's birthday.  She was born on March 22, 1899...114 years ago!  Although she died 30 years ago, I still think of her often and miss her so much! I was very close to Grandma.  As a child, we lived in a two-family flat; Grandma and Grandpa upstairs with us living on the main floor.  I saw her every day and adored her from the beginning!  I was her girl…forever and always! As a teenager, my parents moved to the county, while Grandma... Read More

White Stuff
Posted On 03/21/2013 15:58:13 by oldblueeyes99
That's a picture of Mother Nature and it would appear that she has fallen asleep instead of taking care of business. Spring is for flowers not snow...and here on coastal Mass. we are going to get around 5" of snow starting right now. I can see it out the window coming down in big flakes. I mean, I don't have to shovel any snow and wouldn't at my age but I know those who can are getting weary. Plus I don't drive in this weather so I guess I can plan on being in the house...still....for a fe... Read More

Posted On 03/20/2013 21:01:54 by BcoolNgreat
I think it is a problem that we all have. Why does weed grow better than the plants that we take care so much about and fuss about: spray, fertilise, water or sing to them, they will wither for the slightest strong rays of the sun and die at the first shower. But the weed, it thrives! No special care and there it is mocking at  you from every nook and corner and occupying the best part of the flower bed or the vege patch, No slungs, caterpillars or any other insect to harm them.
You remo... Read More

Impressed by Phillip
Posted On 03/20/2013 04:18:02 by oppsgal
I was sitting here today thinking of all the people I have met in my lifetime, who have left a strong impression on me.  One such person was Phillip.  I first met Philip and his mother when I was the Aquatic Director for our local YMCA.  Phillip used to come in with is mother, she would sit down on the bleachers pool side as he would be doing laps in  the 25 meter swimming pool.  Phil was 22 years old and I was 37.  He a very bright,  happy and friendly ma... Read More

Posted On 03/18/2013 22:53:56 by emom101

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home!

Get in here and get dried off. It's been pouring down... and I do mean pouring. The Storm and Lightning Gods were up above the house playing their games. One bolt thrown was right above the house... House shook and the thunder rolled down the valley to the east... dogs piled into the bedroom and onto the bed. Too funny, the pyggs was directing traffic. LOLOL I slept thru the worst of... Read More

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