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Posted On 06/01/2013 19:28:10 by mort
Good evening...just dropping in to say hello....Not sure where this will land, but am sure someone will pick it up..My profile page needs to be updated and as soon as I have the hour, will do so....in the mean time. anyone that wants to say hello, Please do so...I have not found my nitch in here as of yet, and still learning the "how to get around."  I wish I had more time to be here, but I do work, ( decorator ) part time and the rest of my time seems to be taken up..I live by the ocean in... Read More

Shingle That Roof Please
Posted On 05/28/2013 15:51:03 by oldblueeyes99
I got up early this morning (6 a.m. ) to prepare for the roofers to start arriving. That's right no one showed until after 10. One man brought the shingles and then later on the man came with the dumpster.However, no guys came to start the roof.  Still one piece of equipment coming I would presume tomorrow.We may have showers tomorrow....then boiling hot for the next few days...wonder what my chances are of getting this roof done? When the guy with the dumpster came there was a large truck... Read More

On Our Corner of Paradise
Posted On 05/28/2013 14:35:52 by Junie_PapaAllen
We can't believe our little "hospital" plant is blossoming so! This Snowball Bush was a spindly little thing in the "plant hospital" meaning it was next to being dead. We bought it for about 50ยข, brought it home and planted it not believing it would do anything. That was about six years ago! I've pruned it a couple of times and it just keeps putting out all these lovely Snowballs for us. Sorry the picture wasn't that good; was facing the sun like I wasn't supposed to do but by afternoon it get... Read More

Memorial Day 2013
Posted On 05/25/2013 08:22:04 by oldblueeyes99
It is so remarkable to think that the last week in May is coming upon us. I distinctly remember the first of May thinking ahhh at last some nice warm days will be right around the corner. Now that's not happening any place that I know of. The weather all across the country has gone bazaar. The poor people in OK are the  recipients of the worst possible weather. So devastating. I cannot in my wildest dreams know how disastrous their lives have become. God Bless All who were affected by those... Read More

To All My NOTH Friends
Posted On 05/24/2013 15:26:16 by Nana61
to                 Wishing you all a very      Safe & Happy Memorial Day & week end.   From my family to yours, Sandy     ... Read More

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