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Yes, it's catching!
Posted On 02/18/2020 10:31:38 by Altara33606
I'll apologize first--because I know this will make you yawn!
Why do we yawn?? That popped into my head again last night, as it has for some time now.  And why is it contagious?  Seeing someone else yawn makes us yawn, too; and even thinking about it makes me yawn! Here's the explanations I found:
One is that when we are bored or tired, we just don't breathe as deeply as we usually do. As this theory goes, our bodies take in less oxygen because our breathing has slowed. Therefore... Read More

Did You Know?
Posted On 02/18/2020 02:46:01 by texasjane
Did you know that cartoons have nothing to do with cars that sing or anything about car horns?Did you know animation has nothing to do with cartoons or the wives of your uncles.... it has to do with little bugs that live underground... you know ant nations.Did you know that car horns have nothing to do with big teeth sticking out of a car but is the noise the car makes when your mommy whats to cut in front of someone else in another car?Did you know that some birds play baseball?  The Cardi... Read More

There Is Someone At The Door
Posted On 02/15/2020 10:39:49 by texasjane
I got a call late last night that the Chief of Police would be coming by to see me this morning.  I had a hunch it would involve someone who needed my help.  Now, you must understand... I do not have a door bell.  Anyone who is coming to see me must call first.  If I am in the back of the house I cannot hear if someone is at the front door.  I am not hard of hearing but the TV is usually going or I have music playing.  If I know someone is coming, I unlock the front... Read More

Commercials: Good old Rock & Roll!
Posted On 02/15/2020 09:46:38 by Altara3
For the last few weeks, I've been seeing a tv commercial that features an 'oldie' song I like. That reminded me that I hadn't listened to any 'good old rock and roll' for some time. 
A few years ago, I used my favorite 80's songs as the 'theme' on my page.  I decided it was time to do that again!  So I dug out some of the cds/dvds that I 'made', using those songs.  I made a list of my favorites; and believe me, it was hard to choose which ones to use!
So last night, I... Read More

Surprise Help
Posted On 02/14/2020 13:51:49 by texasjane
Let me start out this blog by saying I am so glad to be inside where no one can help me.  Yes, re read the last sentence.. I have had a heck of a day trying not to get help.
It all started when I went out today to get my mail.  My house fronts out to a major highway and is across the street from a rest stop for truck drivers.  Huge rigs park while the drivers rest or sleep.  I went out my front door and headed across the yard to the mailbox which was situated on the edge o... Read More

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