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Hattie and the "FDA"--Epilogue
Posted On 02/26/2013 01:12:04 by StoryBoat
Later that summer, Hattie revenged herself on the Feathered Demons Alliance…sort of… It was a hot mid-morning. The outside door to the back yard kitty porch was open I heard Hattie pad across her porch and then thwop through her kitty door. I went out to the laundry porch to greet my girl, who had been outside for several hours. “Heigh Hattie,” I said “Getting‘ too hot for you??” Hattie opened her mouth to answer me and a songbird fell out. “Oh Hattie," I said, sadly. “OH!”... Read More

Posted On 02/23/2013 16:52:33 by emom101
Saturday edition...lolol

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home! Come on out back here... have some coffee or tea or pop and some snacks! Beautiful day out here! My flyguys/gals have gone over. I got flashed. Another one of them BBSBs went over but it was hidden above the clouds. I saw a sunbow around the sun. And...Yes, there are such things and it was gorgeous. Lasted maybe 20 minutes or so. Wish I could have gotten a shot of it! Oh ... Read More

Hattie's Brush with the fda
Posted On 02/23/2013 13:03:49 by StoryBoat
 One summer's day, Hattie Cat was curled up in her wicker chair on our front porch. I say "her" chair, even though it was human-sized, because Hattie had claimed it as her own...I was only allowed to sit in it, while I was awaiting a ride and Hattie was locked in the house. I say "our" front porch, because Hattie and I share this house. I finished sweeping (in record time, after earning a dirty look from Hattie, who had been snoozing) the front porch, opened and shut the front door... Read More

Meet Our Neighborhood Gang!
Posted On 02/23/2013 00:08:48 by yourchoice
The neighborhood gang arrived this morning … the weather was nice enough for them to leave the shelter of the bushes in the valley south of us. Whenever they pass through our yard, we get the camera, and watch from our window. We have mixed feelings when they arrive … we love to watch the wildlife from our window, but this bunch are not related to Bambi. They strip the newly-planted trees, they eat flowers in our flower pots, and the bucks will charge if they think we shouldn’t be where th... Read More

Posted On 02/22/2013 13:45:56 by emom101
2012*2*22 *Friday


Another OH DEAR day! lolol Get yourselves in here and set yourselves down. Coffee and stuff all ready to enjoy. All except the unbaked pumpkin pie -lolol

Now, we all know that I am mostly on midnite shift sleepwise but I am working on it... sort of... lolol Well, this morning, I rolled out...looked out the east window and saw lots of fog and mist here on the mountain. Low clou... Read More

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