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To Eat or Not To Eat Is The Questions
Posted On 02/16/2013 10:40:20 by Ella
Mass Destruction of Our Food Is everyone as confused as I am about what to eat or drink? Every day we are told, don’t eat this or don’t drink that as it will kill you. Diet drinks are so bad for you that one almost feels they are committing a crime if you plop one from the dispenser. I can see ladies secretly grabbing the diet coke and shoving it into their huge purses and in the future there might be a law or fine for concealment of a diet drink like concealment for a weapon. Well accord... Read More

a follow up to "How do you say goodbye? "
Posted On 02/16/2013 00:58:10 by azjudy
Please forgive me for not writing personal notes to those who respond to my blog about Mom. I started out tonight with intentions of writing but I just can’t. All I can do at this point is to try to get through the days and nights. Please know I appreciate everyone's kind words. Jeanne and I gave permission to stop the heart med that is keeping that tired but loving heart beating. I sit by her side for hours every day praying that she will go. I love her too much to be selfish by wa... Read More

Posted On 02/15/2013 17:59:07 by emom101
Paula Meems Rice ‎2013*2*15 EMOM'S MOUNTAIN NEWS
Friday edition

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home!

Well, here I sit... Delilah on my lap and the new baby on the floor by my feet. What have I done??

Where do I start? lololol Let me see... first of all, I found a good home for the American Fox Hound. He is a beauty. Became my permanently attached shadow and guardian. However, he was so overly protective that he came very close to killing Houdini.... Read More

Savanna and Sadie
Posted On 02/15/2013 16:05:34 by housemouse
Savanna was born in June of 1993. She was big for a Shih-tzu and such a happy dog. If you praised her she'd wag her whole body.
In April of 2004 she ended up having to have her left eye removed because of glaucoma. She got around very well with only one eye...it didn't bother her at all. Then in November of 2005 she lost her right eye...also to glaucoma, and she was totally blind, but you'd never know it. We have a doggie door that goes out onto a little porch and then there... Read More

On Our Corner of Paradise
Posted On 02/13/2013 20:37:12 by Junie_PapaAllen
We're sharing a picture of our son, Travis, and his father taken earlier this month.     A little over four (4) months ago I had an accident; don't remember if I mentioned before or not. I was starting to sit down on my office chair, which has wheels, and it rolled away from me and I landed on the floor. My knees were caught and twisted inside the center of my desk and I hit the left side of my face and had a little cut from that.   It took awhile for my knees to get settled do... Read More

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