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Tag: christmas

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Clara Came for Christmas
Posted On 12/20/2008 02:18:42 by kiwibarb
As children, we had to send a christmas present to our Aunt Clara, who was the eldest of the 12 children in my mother’s family, and nearly 4 years older than Mum. Aunt Clara was the only one we had to send a present to. She lived at the other end of the North Island, and made frequent journeys to stay at our place. We were brought up to think that Aunt Clara was the next thing to Royalty, and it never occurred to us that she was a mere mortal like the rest of us. When she came to stay there... Read More

Christmas Day in the 1940's
Posted On 12/20/2008 01:26:38 by kiwibarb
christmas morning at our house began about 5am. It was summertime, and the brat who had to go to bed at 7.30pm was excitedly awake correspondingly early. We had a set format that differed from that at any other home we knew of. We didn’t have a christmas tree. All the gaily wrapped presents were put into the wicker clothes basket, a large oval basket with a handle at each end. Each present had a tag on it indicating whose it was. There were six of us. Mum and Dad, Coral, Arthur, Hazel and my... Read More

Greetings Friends!
Posted On 12/19/2008 21:48:35 by Austin
To keep in touch, again it’s time To send our yearly christmas rhyme. Hope you and yours are doing well— We can’t complain or wouldn’t tell.   Why, yes, it's us down Austin way To send you hugs this holiday And post best wishes far and near To loved ones round the hemisphere.   So wish us and these couplets well On this retrieval of Noël. Late news makes da... Read More

Merry Little Christmas
Posted On 12/19/2008 11:10:16 by Thundercloud
It's officially Christmastime. Even for those like me who find the commercial frenzy that drives retailers to start christmas on Halloween, upsetting; Christmastime is here. It's unfortunate that so many have allowed their greed to swallow up the christmas spirit and take away some of the joys of the season by starting christmas in October. Nonetheless, there are only a few more days left until christmas and it seems like the christmas Spirit is still alluding me; but, maybe it's my own fa... Read More

Posted On 12/18/2008 14:17:21 by Notgrnyyet
christmas is not christmas anymore. What I mean by that is it is not the christmas I remember. Of course I know that things and times have changed. Progress has been made and people have more. That doesn't really matter. christmas should never change. christmas is a time for Family. a time to worship our Saviour. Maybe not the real day of His birth but as close as we can make it in the world today. Look what our Government has done to other Holidays. They have made every holiday they can co... Read More

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