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Tag: humor

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It Is All In The Wrist
Posted On 01/30/2020 16:08:20 by texasjane
About a year ago I moved to this tiny town. Little did I know at the time the town had its characters as my grandmother would call them. People with reputations the whole town knew about... everyone but the new comers.I met one such person on my first trip to the local grocery store. I had my buggy and my list. I went up and down each isle at first just to get the lay out of the store. Then I got serious about my shopping. I was concentrating on my list. I was not paying any attention to anyone... Read More

Q - Quips and Quotes
Posted On 10/28/2017 05:24:07 by yourchoice
Here I am, at the “dreaded” ‘q’ letter. However, when I saw the book that my husband was reading, I knew exactly what I would write about. He was reading a book entitled “Uncle John’s Triumphant: The 20th Anniversary Edition of the Bathroom Reader.” Now, don’t laugh; to some folks, that is heavy reading! There are 598 pages in the soft cover edition, and it is hard to hang on to when trying to read in bed, especially when the reader is half asleep. Personally, I haven’t tried i... Read More

L - Loving Life Laced with Laughter
Posted On 10/09/2016 16:56:44 by yourchoice
When was the last time that you had a real good, noisy “belly” laugh? For the ladies, that may be a bit of a stretch, so call it something else. Call it uncontrolled laughter, that keeps sneaking back to your head, and the it starts all over again. We had a bunch of those in May of this year, at the 55th Class Reunion of my nursing class.I love to have fun, help put a smile on someone’s face, and at times, just be silly! There are a few things on my page where my “personality” has leak... Read More

Blog epilogue
Posted On 02/15/2014 03:56:37 by waltaylor

May I Introduce ... Rex Murphy?
Posted On 12/08/2013 14:30:12 by yourchoice
At the risk of being considered a "know-nothing anti-environmentalmist, and country bumpkin", I invite you to add that I was born and raised in Alberta to American born parents (two out of three ain't bad!!!). I received this link from friend who thought is was worthwhile to pass it on for consideration. So here I am ... For those who do not live in Alberta or Canada, Rex Murphy is a Canadian journalist for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company), based in Toronto, Ontario. He was born and... Read More

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