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Tag: life

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The Scarecrow
Posted On 01/20/2015 17:21:53 by BreeWolfe
The Scarecrow

I have a lady scarecrow in my flower garden. The only thing she has ever scared is my little puppy, Bicuit. Probably because she's a pretty scarecrow with a big smile :-) Everyday when I leave in my car or on a walk she's there with that big smile and when I come back she welcomes me with that same smile. She has weathered the hot summers and cold winters, storms,and cats. Today I found her laying on the ground. The wooden pole that holds her up was broken. When I picked he... Read More

Posted On 08/24/2014 17:41:35 by oppsgal
HERMITS ....sechandler 8 24 14
What is a hermit?  Usually it is someone who chooses to close themselves off from society as much as they can.  Only associating with people to buy necessities. 

Today in my local paper there was an article about two Hermits that lived near by my town, They lived in Plymouth Ohio even today it's a small sleepy country town with not much action. Except when the flyer comes out on Tuesdays for the local grocery store then the pick u... Read More

Guess who came to visit ...!
Posted On 08/22/2014 21:54:18 by yourchoice
We had just finished our dinner this evening, and a visitor dropped by ... again, without an invitation. We thought we had explained to the wildlife in our neighborhood that they were welcome to drop by, but to stay on the path that will take them to the river, and not wander through restricted places. Our back patio is definitely a restricted area, but for some reason this one seems to think we won't notice her. Of course, my camera is always handy, and here she is ... 
Banging on th... Read More

Our Grazing Herd
Posted On 07/12/2013 14:13:43 by Derrough
  Well, everyone is well aware by now of our ongoing and never ending battle with the Hellsdale wildlife population.
Granted, this year is somewhat improved over last year.
So far we have relocated only eleven raccoons as compared to twenty three last year.
One squirrel has gone for a ride as compared to three of the red coated little heathens last year.
Chippie was in the porch for a visit only once so far this year, after thinking he had the run of the house last year.
All... Read More

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