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Tag: thanks

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Posted On 05/12/2009 09:24:12 by Jonma
Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes.  I enjoyed the day very much, got thunderstormed off the golf course, had dinner with one of our kids and family, and then much to our disappointment, the Penguins lost and now must win in Washington tomorrow night.
jonma... Read More

Graphics, Greetings and Comments
Posted On 03/25/2009 17:54:39 by PhotoBug
Hi everyone, I have made a lot of graphics, comments, tags etc., as many of you know. Now I am thinking that perhaps I should put them up on a web site so I can organize them into categories such as , birthday, thinking of you, thanks, words of wisdom, spring, summer, fall and winter, holidays, etc. I think it would be easier to find the type you need more quickly than browsing through my gallery, now that it is getting kinda big. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions. I love ma... Read More

Posted On 03/18/2009 15:35:16 by ButterflyQueen
MySpace Comments
there is no way i can thank you each individually for the lovely birthday greetings and comme... Read More

Thank You Everyone
Posted On 03/10/2009 11:49:47 by LorisWorld
I wish to thank EVERYONE  sending  B-Day wishes to me..It has been awhile since I have been on and I am sorry for that, and now have to learn my way arouund again..Building a Memorial wall for a Soldiers site and making sure I honor every man and woman loat since Afghanistan and Iraq started has been and is a real challenge. with over 4, 000 names. And I had to give up on uploading videos here because I just cannot get them to upload to this site. So I apologize for that.
Again Than... Read More

Holiday Thoughts
Posted On 11/25/2008 23:36:09 by Dianna59WV
Holiday Thoughts
The holiday season is here again.  Normally, in my home, this would mean a frantic rush to make sure the house is spotless, the cupboards are stocked, and every table top in the main rooms are decorated to please the eyes of anyone viewing them.  This year, however, I just do not have the physical or emotional strength to go to such extremes.  I have decided to exercise moderation in decorating and cooking meals but I refuse to eliminate them entirely... Read More

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