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Growing Old
Posted On 01/10/2014 18:22:57

I had always thought that I would grow old gracefully, but I have found that is impossible. There is nothing graceful about, a bladder that no longer works, joints that are stiff beyond use, and a heart that decides to run fast, jump and skip for no reason at all. But I still can see, hear out of one ear, and drive a car. What more can a body ask?" An older person called his  Doctor to ask about his latest prescription, Doc do I have to take this med for the rest of my Life. Yes, replied the Dr. Well, asked the patient, how bad is my condition because this prescription says on the bottle, NO REFILL."  Hey, enjoy today because this may be the only one we have and Be ready for the here-after.

Sick and Tired
Posted On 05/05/2013 11:25:54


Sick and tired of



Hearing the phrase: Having said that or that being said;

And huh; dude; you can expect these aches and pains as you get older; your call is important to us; please hold and we will connect you to the next available operator; the lowest prices of the season; climate change.


Bad manners: not saying excuse me: Using Ma'm or Sir; the use of yeah; nope; profanity; loud no melody noise that is passed off as music; Being told the USA is the root of all world problems;


But I am thankful for the freedom to complain and fear no reprisal. God Bless the USA.


Spring time
Posted On 04/25/2013 12:03:26

I am sitting on the sun porch watching all our winged friends fly over the lake two by two. It is certainly that time of the year for mating. I have seen Blue herons, Turkey buzzards, geese, ducks and all the song birds. We have a nest of baby robins in a shrub that we had to skip trimming until they have left the nest. The trees are mostly leafed out but a few of the slower ones will take a day or two longer before their glory is fully shown. It has been cold in the mornings but warms up to a wonderful spring day and had rain only one day this week. The mountains of Tennessee are in full spring fling time. Come for a visit. We have a lot to offer visitors. .

have a nice day

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