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utter disgrace
Posted On 04/28/2015 14:45:20

An utter disgrace, here in Canada, the mother of a young lady living in quebec suffering with cerebral  palsy put $70,000 in a trust account for her daughter for when the mother passed away
 As the daughter cannot access the account until her mother has died but some unfeeling government employee has decided to totally cut off all the disability allowance the young woman was getting the statement heard on our news here was, she will have to use some of the $70,0000 to live on now when it has all gone, then she may be able to receive a disability pension,may, how is she expected to access a trust account that can only be used when her mother is dead the whole thing is disgusting but unfortunately this sort of things happen every day in government departments where ever you live,  tin pot little bullies deciding what entit ment is to be paid instead of what a person is entitled to receive, I don’t know about the USA, but in places like the uk, Australia new Zealand and Canada, benifiits are not a charity, they are a right for all tax payers, but trying to talk to these monsters in some department only makes us a target, I know this from personal experience, it isn’t what we’re allowed it’s what a brownie point seeker decides on what entitlements or benefit will be paid

had a great day
Posted On 04/26/2015 01:38:33

I had an amazing day today, did a bit of practice on the piano and actually played a tune silent night, it wasn’t very good but Diane recognized what I was trying to play that is a vast improvement for me, deep down inside I had negative thoughts about ever playing again, the roling chords on my left hand even worked, again not good but bearable I don’t yet have full control of my left hand no physical problem with my right hand , the problem there’re is sending info from my brain to the hand, , because of the tone deafness problem, I can’t carry a tune in my head, so there’s not really anything there to transfer to my hands, prior to the stroke, I was a natural player, , hear any tune then play a piano solo, I could read music but never played while reading it, most of my life I was close to blind in my right eye couldn’t read the music fast enough to play, it wasn’t a problem though, I have a very good memory,(had-lol, I would sit down reading the music and memorize it then sit at the piano and play it from the music that by that time was in my brain and my heart, it was my heart I played from, I’ve always loved music and can get quite emotional listening to or playing it’s the same with most of my poetry, scribble it on a pad then on my puter type it up and save it- I don’t write my own compositions, I start playing other music,light classics or plain easy listening,, then drift off composing my owd music recording what I play,It seems my poetry and music is quite popular from the request for a c-d or one of my books, I’ve had 3 books published so far with enough saved to publish a couple more at some time, since the stroke I have only managed one poem a brain poem for all the staff working in the rehab ward who looked after my for 3 months, it wasn’t a great poem most of it came from my brain not my heart, my wonderful wife for the help and love fromDianeshe is very supportive far beyond the call of( “duty”-------------I can’t thank her enough for all her help and love she is my heart, soul mate and best friend, I must be the luckiest man ever on this earth-------------------

things you may not want to know
Posted On 04/13/2015 17:06:38

In Australia  Medicare this covered the cost of visits to a doctor or hospitals, Medicare paid the fees at a pre set rate, so a doctor couldn’t over charge a patient for any service provided to them,, we also had concession cards for aged pensioners , unemployed people etc, a concession card allowed the owner, discounts for various things, bus fares etc but more importantly medication costs, wh,  when we presented a doctors  prescription to a chemist,--- or pharmacy  x amount of dollars were paid, can’t remember ho much but  approx $3-50 that changed after a after a few months to the same charge for every item on the script,  this system was a major stumbling block with American politicians who came to oz to set up a  free trade agreement between America and Australia, one of their conditions was concession cards to be scrapped because Americans didn’t have the same rights, sow why should Australians, I imagine this can be verified on the internet, I’ve never looked myself, I as I was living in Australia when it happened, I  live permanently in Canada so it isn’t important now  the concession system worked good so instead of insisting it be stopped why didn’t the free loaders check out a working system like it for the USA, or would that give the average joe the same benefits they  themselves  have, thanks to the average Joes tax payments---politicians and government workers seem to forget they all work for the average Joe, but what do I know, I’m just an average Joe now retired and an old aged pensioner, aged pensioner to be politically correct-lol---------------it all made me think the US government had no interest in improving life for average people living in America but only new how to destroy but not how to build, what else could I think after knowing what happened  during free trade meetings

Move over Snowden I just joined the hate club for telling the truth-----------lol-arthur

taxi to a dark side
Posted On 01/30/2015 18:04:50

The other evening we watched a documentary called Taxi To A Dark Side, or Dark Place, we can't remember whichone...I have witnessed some awful sights in my lifetime, but not many as bad as this show... it's about the way prisoners were, & are still treated in so-called prisoner of war camps the USA have in Iraq & Afghanistan, also Quantanamo Bay....Torture Chambers is more accurate, the people involved were the same people at the time of filming & commentary... NO ACTORS were used, they were photos actually taken at the time....More than a few of the guards said, We knew some prisoners were in the wrong place at the wrong time when they were arrested and were innocent victims, but we had our orders and treated them the same way as if they were guilty.

At the Nuremberg trials after WW11 all the people on trial for what happened in the ghetto’s and concentration camps used the same excuse, I was only following orders, a female news reporter involved with filming this documentary started investigating these (POW camps when she returned to the USA, It must have got too much for her as a male colleague took over uncovering written evidence files hidden away so the public wouldn’t see them, Edward Snowden exposed evidence the public weren’t allowed to see and is classed as a traitor, in my book the man is a patriot, I was living in Australia when the prime minister John Howard lied to parliament and the public in a TV news interview, about Australia’s military involvement in the Iraq invasion—all governments, lie or lie by omission about many subjects the public should know about, but I have yet to see any charges  made against politicians-perhaps they say I was only following orders--------lol

1047th Canadian casualty in Afghanistan, why are we there
Posted On 11/11/2014 01:57:36

my own triobute to one soldiers death in Afghanistan, why did Canada get involved in the first place

One Hundred and Forty Seven

Another Canadian Soldier lost
And one more family pay the cost
The cost we know that’s far too high
For Wives and children left to cry

Mothers and Fathers, siblings too
Uncles and Aunts, Cousins he knew
Old friends he’ll never see again
A Soldiers death fills many with pain

He lost his life to a roadside bomb
As other Mothers sons have done
The terrible price these Soldiers pay
Prevent them from seeing another day

These men and women live on in our hearts
We will never forget them and never will part
Patheir memoryforever, alive in our minds
Pray that their comrades don’t also  step on a mine

To our Soldiers and Sailors and Airmen too
We thank you dear people for all that you do
Politician’s just talk, but you seal the breech
The breech that our foes continue to seek

Arthur Val Hoolachan © 9th June 2010

REmemberance day tribute
Posted On 11/05/2014 15:11:26

Military Personnel

Our brave young men and women
Who serve their countries well
Are called to serve in lands afar
Who many see as hell

They serve to keep our countries safe
From those who wish us ill
All walk with danger every day
With risk of being killed

They don’t do this for glory
Nor is it for the pay
Its so folks like you and I
Live freely every day

Never forget the price some pay
A price that’s far too high
Or of the grief of families
When told a loved one’s died

Remembrance days for all of us
Please pause and show respect
For those who died, those still alive
Pray peace on Earth comes next

Arthur Val Hoolachan© November 2010

my little tribute to brave people
Posted On 10/31/2014 03:11:08

Our Soldiers

They serve our needs, protect our shores
Ready for action to face the hoards
Those hoards who threaten our way of life
Cause all the nations trouble and strife

Most have families, husbands or wives
Many have children they’ve left behind
To assure these families will survive
These wonderful people risk their lives

Thought of death are pushed aside
All dangers taken in their stride
The ultimate price that some will pay
Breaks hearts of families every day

Some return with shattered bones
They’re always welcome to our homes
 Others return with shattered lives
Their damage hidden deep inside

Damage like this may often be
The kind of damage our eyes can’t see
Look with your heart and give a smile
For you they have walked those extra miles

Arthur Val Hoolachan © Dec’ 2011

private pages
Posted On 09/18/2014 14:21:34

Never ceases to amaze me some new members join the hill and when you try leaving a welcome message you see that only  friends on their list can leave a message -----why join a social site if you don’t want to meet other members, we’re only strangers until we meet-----personal opinion of course

Paddys day
Posted On 03/16/2014 15:56:18

March 17

The day is here, the booze is ready
Checked the nerves my hands are steady
In all the pubs the beer is green
The only day that's ever seen

St Patrick’s day come once a year
Drives Ireland daft or so I hear
A patron Saint who drove out snakes
Most went to Australia for heavens sake

Back to today the seventeenth
The month is March, it’s always been
Been the day the world goes daft
Tots of whiskey and pints of draft

Wishing you all a lovely day
Not much more that I can say
So raise you glass and give a cheer
Last toast to Paddy, --- until next year


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