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Fun Time
Posted On 03/11/2014 02:14:50

Static picture + imagination + a bit of skill = a lot of fun.

Original Picture

Cold Bird static pic photo Birdsinatree_zps351739c1.jpg

Fun time------------lol. ----------Arthur

Frozen Bird S photo Frozenbird-smaller_zps60ef4071.gif

New Graphic group
Posted On 01/19/2014 19:50:47

Hi everyone, I opened a new public graphic group today on the Paint Shop Pro category named 'All Graphic Programs'. It includes all graphic programs and all styles of graphics, scrapbooking, back grounds, animations,greeting cards, etc, no porn. All interested members are welcome to join--------Arthur

My New Year Wish
Posted On 01/01/2014 17:54:21

My New Year Wish

Our old year now has left for good
The last day came, we knew it would
This new year started good and strong
We hope and pray that naught goes wrong

The year gone by was full of pain
More hate than peace we had again
It seems the violence spread the world
When guns weren’t there, the stones were hurled

How did it go so far off track
Is there a way we can go back
Perhaps this year will show the way
Bring love and hope to every day

Perhaps I’m dreaming, I don’t know
But last year wasn’t the way to go
Please join with me for this New Year
Bring peace to all and dismiss fear

Arthur Val Hoolachan © 2014

That Time of Year
Posted On 12/04/2013 15:11:55

[URL=http://s287.photobucket.com/user/salfordian2/media/Z0ThatTimeofYear_zps84465923.jpg.html] [/URL]

For all Military Personel
Posted On 11/11/2013 14:22:04

Land of Dreams
Posted On 08/24/2013 17:59:03

[URL=http://s287.photobucket.com/user/salfordian2/media/landofdreamspoemandpic_zpse1f75cc5.png.html] [/URL]

Staffs comments on blogs
Posted On 08/13/2013 20:45:27

Hi to all, it’s possible that some of the Hill folk may have wondered why comments from the staff are seen on the forum in General Chit Chat but are are rarely seen on any blogs posted in the Blogging section. I’ve read comments from some members who have the impression that the staff just can’t be bothered with trivial stuff like replying to someone’s blog and that couldn’t be further from the truth if you tried. We do read them and I personally would love to leave a comment on some of them, but due to an unfixable glitch in the web system, any comment left by a staff member is deleted every time the site does an update. This happens on a regular basis much in the same way MS updates happen, could be twice a week, twice a day, or every other week, how often is irrelevant but the end result is the same, our comments vanish from the blog---------kind regards to everyone, Arthur

Hill Security worries
Posted On 03/24/2013 20:41:33

Hello all members of the Hill,
I just checked this out to be sure.
Anyone with internet access can read the blogs, however, only members of the Hill can access General Chit Chat and members pages, unless of course a member has made their page accessible only to people on their friends list. It seems the public groups can also be viewed by none members.

There isn't any website on the internet 100% safe and this includes government web sites so please be aware of this when posting private information such as you email address or phone numbers and never never never give your credit card or bank account details to any other member here asking for them. Spammers join the Hill every day of the week and It's part of the staffs job to remove them as soon as we have proof that they really are a spammer. Some of these people can be quite crafty, they don't post anything on the blogs, they send private messages to other members advertising goods or asking for money to pay for a sick child needing an operation etc. If you get any messages of this nature, please contact myself or one of the other four staff whose names are on the home page. Staff members cannot access any other members private messages or any private groups so we can only help you out if you let us know about problems like this and tell us the site name of the person who sent you the message---------please remember, spammer are usually just trying to earn a living by selling you something, but parasites are only after your money and play on your emotions and feelings to get it from your pocket to their pocket---------------------don't fall for it-------kind regards, Arthur

The worth of $20 today
Posted On 03/09/2013 03:24:11

What on average $20 can buy today


1-Two Packets of 20 cigarettes

2-Two six pack of beer. minus three bottles

3- Six loaves of bread

4- 2/5  of a ticket for a game of hockey

5- Ditto for football/soccer or baseball

6- Two weeks of daily newspapers

7- Five or six weekly magazines ( cheap ones)

8-one kilo of salmon steaks

9-Ditto for lamb chops

Last but not least

10- $20 will buy you a lifetime membership to the best social site on the internet where it’s possible for life time friendships to be made.

A place where people you have never met will call in on your page for a visit just to say hello or leave a sympathetic comment on your blog when you need a little support.

I have no idea as to the actual numbers of VIP members there are on the Hill, but out of the last 300 new members, less than 4% took out a life membership. At an educated guess, I would think probably less than 6% of  total membership have taken out VIP membership that comes with an ad free page.


Make no mistake about this friends and members,

If Cloudeight goes under, NOTH will be lost to all of us,



Please read Thundercloud’s blog

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