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04/04/2020 20:28:50

Hello my sweet friend. How are you.

Im checking in to see if your doing ok

since Coronavirus is everywhere.

Im doing much better and will be going

back to work monday.

I hope your enjoying your saturday.It was a beautiful day today. 

Please stay safe and healthy my sweet friend.

Your in my prayers. God Bless you. Good night.

04/03/2020 09:28:24

03/31/2020 11:13:09

03/27/2020 16:33:25

Hello my sweet friend. Stopping by to let you know

Im feeling a little better. I hope you are doing ok and staying safe.

Im thinking of you and you are in my prayers.

 Thank you for visiting my page while i was away.

Im hoping to go back to work next week. 

Will find out monday when i see my dr.

You are in my heart and thoughts and prayers. 

I hope you have a safe and wonderful weekend.

God Bless you and your family.

Please stay safe. God is with all of us. 

03/24/2020 07:29:28

03/23/2020 20:29:29

03/20/2020 07:46:37

03/19/2020 11:10:53

03/16/2020 08:13:25

Happy Birthday--post card blingee

03/15/2020 07:30:26

03/02/2020 00:04:53

02/28/2020 08:26:33

02/23/2020 13:57:38

Stopping by to say Hello. A lot has been going on .

My sister has been in the hospital since last sunday

and she is still there. She has Lupis real bad with infection.

Its a beautiful day today for once.

I hope all is well with you and your being spoiled

with Beautiful weather your way today. 

Have a great day. God Bless you. :-)

02/20/2020 08:38:19

02/18/2020 08:09:38

02/15/2020 15:09:36

Stopping by to say Hello. 

Thats what Friends are for. 

God Bless you. :-) 

02/12/2020 17:08:08

Have an Awesome Thursday my Friend :)

02/12/2020 15:37:42

Hi, my friend, Sorry to be so late getting back to you.

I have been crazy busy. I am all well now, but I caught a bad cold (rhino-virus) lasted a couple weeks, but no fever nor body aches & the chest/head congestion went on for ever 2+ months, and exhausted all the time, competition getting air into my lungs. Had a roof leak and replacement this Fall, so I had to redo my under the eves storage. Tear out & replace the insulation, I have the insulation in, the rest I will do in Spring/June. My ancient kitchen faucet fell apart, literally, pieces flying. I had bought 1-1/2 years ago, a new faucet, high arch, single leaver, pull down with stream/spray toggle. So now I couldn't put it off and I installed the new faucet, just now. It was cheep, on deep discount from Home Depot, last one, cheep. And, the toggle stays on spray or stream until I change it, no matter how many times I turn the water off. Oh, I was taught by my father, I do all my home repairs, myself. My friend hurt his back & couldn't help replace the roof so I had to hire a roofer; but I already had all the materials. We have had a very mild winter again. I still haven't run the snow blower since winter of 2017/2018. I start it up to make sure it works, and move it around the yard to get it out of my way, during the warm months. Here in central N. H. we always have had spot temperature drops to -30 below 0, during January & February; also, weeks at a time never rising above freezing (32*) during the day. We had 1 single digit night time temperature in January & none so far in February. We have had a lot of up in the 40's during the day. So Global Warming is real. When I moved here 32 years ago we were a solid/tender Zone 4, right now I am a warm Zone 5b; and as of this winter I am a hardy Zone 6a. A super hardy Zone 6 (well sheltered) could thrive here. We have lost a lot of our amphibians, the hatching time of the amphibians is not matching up with the hatching time of the insects they need to eat to survive. Also most of the bugs they eat need very deep cold temps. to survive & the temps. are not going cold enough; so, not much biting bug activity in the spring. That is also hurting the migrating birds; lack of food to replenish from the long flights. Earth, hurts & has a temperature. I only put out black-oil sunflower seed, high in fat; It is all my birds ever eat, they ignore the song bird stuff. I never have to replace it all winter, they won' touch it, even if it is all that is there. And we have a lot of birds coming back early. The last week in March has always been the start of maple syrup season. They have been collecting the sap since late January, around here. Oooooww, I just checked the weather, we might get 1-4 inches of snow tomorrow. I just drive on that with my wide studded tires & pack it down like they do in Canada. Here's wishing you and yours a great Valentine's weekend; mine will be, even though I am working, I'll have fun. Hugs T. P.

02/01/2020 14:37:31

Stopping by to say Hello.Hope all is well with you.

The weather in maine is over cast and a little chilly.

Been so busy with work and my mom and my husband

are both sick with the cold. They are slowley getting better.

I hope you have a great day and weekend. God Bless you. :-)

01/27/2020 10:11:50

sorry for being gone for so long...hope all is well with you...wishing you a nice start to your week....hugs..mk

01/24/2020 18:39:49

Hello 100 ELVIS PRESLEY LOGO photo e536b95a-34d5-4574-9a7d-76173a546c9a_zpse7kfluka.jpg

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Thank you very much for your friendship!



01/19/2020 20:11:29

01/19/2020 14:31:13

Stopping by to say hello. Hope all is well with you.

Hope your weather is good to you.

We had a snow storm last night.5 to 8 inchs.

The sun is out today. A little bit warmer to melt the snow.

Your in my prayers for anything in your life. 

God is with you every step of the way every day.

God bless you with lots of angel hugs. :-)

01/18/2020 00:59:28

01/11/2020 18:36:22

Hello my sweet friend. I hope your weekend is 

Going well for you.

My heart goes out to Puerto Rico and Australia and now Allaska.

Its so sad to see what is going on in this world.

They are in my prayers. 

I hope all is well and i hope you have a good night.

Please take care. God Bless you. :-)

01/10/2020 00:51:41

01/06/2020 11:34:29

sorry to have been gone for a while, i had a death in my family over the holidays. hope all is well with you...hugs..mk

01/04/2020 16:28:24

Hello. Stopping by to see how you are.

I hope you had a wonderful New year. 

I hope you have a great day.

God Bless you.

Happy New Year. :-)

01/01/2020 14:40:07

May you and your loved ones have peace, happiness and good health throughout the new year .  Smiles  Gloria

12/30/2019 22:27:12

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