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08/30/2020 11:10:44

wishing you a lovely sunday..hugs..mk

08/26/2020 09:00:17

good morning, raining here but we sure needed it. hope your wednesday is happy and peaceful...hugs..mk

08/22/2020 16:32:37

Do you remember Deering Ice Cream Restaurant.
Back in 1986 and 1987 i was a waitress. I made all kinds of sundays with different kind of flavored ice cream.
I also serve Hamburgers and French Fries.
I use to make tips at the end of the night.
We where so busy at night do to Movie Theater next door
People going to the movies. After the movie people came
and had ice crean and drinks. It was so busy that night.
Good old days. I use to make Banana Splits and Turtle Sundays.
Dusty Roads and Mount Katahdin. I use to serve Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. I made 2 Dollars a hour plus tips.
Chocolate Ice Cream,Vanilla Ice Cream,Coffee Ice Cream,
Straw Berry Ice Cream, Candy Cane Ice Cream,
Peppermint Ice Cream, and so on. I can say more.
If you remember can you say yes...  

08/16/2020 15:59:32

Hello my sweet friend. I hope you have a great day. So tired. God Bless you. :-) 

08/11/2020 11:54:49

hope the world is treating you kind, and you are doing well. wishing you a beautiful day...hugs..mk

08/06/2020 22:37:22

A Friend is one who Strengthens you with Love

and Encourages you with Hope...

Thanx for being My Friend ;)

08/05/2020 10:53:57

hi, seems like autumn here. been quite chilly in the morning the last couple of days. hope all is well with you, and you have a pleasant day..hugs......marykay

08/02/2020 09:59:21

we are getting much needed rain...yea! hope your day is happy and peaceful...hugs...marykay

08/01/2020 14:33:59

07/27/2020 19:12:48

07/11/2020 16:28:27

07/08/2020 10:12:28

just a little gerber daisy to brighten your day...hugs..mk

06/30/2020 07:54:16

good morning, wanted to stop by and wish you a peaceful tuesday. going to be in the 90's here today. did all my running around yesterday, so staying inside with the ac today, hope your day goes well...hugs...mk

06/29/2020 00:28:46

Stopping by to say HI and to Wish You a fantastic Monday!!! Lily ;)

06/23/2020 08:14:47

06/22/2020 23:14:51

06/18/2020 12:08:10

Hello my sweet friend . How are you today.

Today is my day off from work.I needed rest from getting hurt on a job 4 days ago.

Im feeling a little better. I took my Chihuahua Tito to the animal hospital for testing.

He has Diabetes and has to take meds 2 times a day every day.

Im sharing with you a picture of what i did for work at the schools

everyday. Waxing,ceiling floors on all class rooms. I did great. 

I love what i do for a job.

I hope all is well with you.Sorry the picture is so big.

Not sure how to make it small for your page. Still learning.

Its hot here in maine. In the 90s. I hope you have a great day.

Please take care. God Bless you. :-)

06/17/2020 15:33:42

Just dropping in to say hello. Was looking back at your post from a year ago..hard to believe it's been a year since you moved. Hope all is going well now. Take care -:)  Lisa

06/16/2020 09:54:01

06/14/2020 18:15:49

Hello my sweet friend .How are you today.

Im late but im hear.Happy Sunday

and Happy Flag Day to you.

Hope all is well with you.

Been so busy with work. Custodian work is a lot of work.

I hope you have a wonderful night. 

Ill be back. God Bless you.

06/06/2020 09:10:07

06/05/2020 00:48:55

Have a Safe and Happy Weekend...Lily

06/03/2020 09:10:40

06/01/2020 10:53:06

05/25/2020 08:42:38

05/22/2020 19:02:37

05/21/2020 08:46:29

05/20/2020 21:37:47

05/11/2020 09:40:27

05/10/2020 16:06:32

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