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11/26/2020 16:10:00

11/14/2020 17:12:22

I want to thank you so much for your friendship. We have been friends for a long time. You are very special to me and you are very dear to me. You are my sweet angel friend. A very special friend sent from my dear heavenly father. This is a very special gift to me and to you. A very special blessing from god in heaven. God new we need friends.Friends are kind and caring and so dear to one another. If any time you need to talk your very special friend is here. God bless you my sweet angel friend. This is from the bottom of my heart. May the angels wrap there beautiful white fluffy feathered wings around you to comfort you and keep you warm with lots of love and care. May god hold you and heal you. He loves you and the angels love you and so do i. 🙂 ❤

11/12/2020 09:45:28

i hope your week is going well, thought i would send you some pumpkin donuts..(don't they look good?) have a wonderful day..and stay safe...much love..marykay

11/05/2020 09:29:50

good morning, i have been pretty busy this week. since it's been so nice out, i trimmed alot of bushes, pretty proud of myself, they turned out looking really nice. i usually get some-one to trim them in the spring. hope everything is well with you...have a wonderful day..hugs..marykay

11/04/2020 11:22:09


10/25/2020 13:06:39

10/24/2020 16:32:30

Stopping by to say hello. Its almost Halloween. Hope your having a great day.

It has been a long week for me at work so now i am relaxing.

Please take care ok. God Bless you. :-)

10/21/2020 11:21:55

a rainy day here, made banana bread this morning, later i plan on rearranging my living room..i get bored with it the same way all the time...what's your plan for the day? hugs..mk

10/19/2020 08:43:34

good morning, hope you had a nice week-end. i got to spend sunday with my grand-babies...sure was nice to have them over, they grow up so fast. wishing you a lovely fall monday..hugs..mk

10/16/2020 05:54:00


10/13/2020 16:32:15

Stopping by to say hello and to thank everyone on my friends
list for just being there and for understanding that I do not always get the
time to leave a note, but just know that I am thinking of you. Thanks again ...

10/11/2020 19:22:44

Hello there. Sorry i was away for a while. I have been so busy with work.

I didnt forget you. How are you today... Hope all is well with you,

Its been a little chilly today but not bad.

I hope the weather is good for you.Please take care ok.

Your in my heart and thoughts and prayers. God Bless you. Good night.

10/10/2020 09:20:26

wishing you a happy and peaceful week-end...to anyone affected by delta hope you are safe..hugs..mk

10/09/2020 19:30:13

10/05/2020 09:25:56

Welcome friend ...

10/05/2020 09:07:51

happy new week...hugs...mk

10/02/2020 08:40:10

09/30/2020 16:15:44

09/30/2020 13:56:29


09/27/2020 11:04:26

09/25/2020 08:17:07


09/23/2020 08:32:25

wishing you a most wonderful day..mk

09/21/2020 09:35:13

enjoy the last day of summer..hugs..mk

09/19/2020 20:54:38

Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.

I hope all is well with you.

I am a little late visiting you.

Been sick with sinus headaches. I am resting a lot.

Ill be back soon. Please take care. God Bless you. 

You are in my prayers always.

09/16/2020 10:30:53

09/15/2020 10:10:43

it's a beautiful day here, going to do some cleaning up of plants, and some in my garden. hope where you are it's nice also..hugs..mk

09/12/2020 22:33:56

09/08/2020 08:32:42

in the 50's here..debating if i want to turn on the heat..just seems a little too early. wishing you a nice tuesday..hugs..mk

09/05/2020 16:13:23

09/04/2020 09:56:42

Hello my sweet friend. How are you today...

I hope you are having a wonderful Bless day 

And the weather is good to you. Mother Nature is sure Beautiful.

I have a day off from work today so i thought i send you a coment.

Labor Day is almost here and i want to say

Happy Labor Day to you and your family.

I hope you have a Bless and Beautiful Day.

God Bless you. :-) 

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