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04/11/2020 13:37:39


04/11/2020 09:56:02

04/10/2020 10:55:17

04/05/2020 13:38:25





Hello my sweet friend. Happy Sunday.

How are you today. Was thinking of you.

I thought i share a video with you i took.

Mother nature is Beautiful. 

Today is a Beautiful day.

I hope you enjoy this video. 

Please stay safe. Ill be back next saturday.

Take care. God Bless you. :-)

04/04/2020 20:41:49

Hello my sweet friend. How are you.

Im checking in to see if your doing ok

since Coronavirus is everywhere.

Im doing much better and will be going

back to work monday.

I hope your enjoying your saturday.It was a beautiful day today. 

Please stay safe and healthy my sweet friend.

Your in my prayers. God Bless you. Good night.

04/04/2020 09:10:31

04/03/2020 09:10:52

04/01/2020 10:00:57

03/31/2020 15:38:26

Hope you are doing well and staying safe.  Here is a little somethingfrom me to you, LOL.
Hugs, Debbie

03/31/2020 11:37:19

03/31/2020 10:29:42

03/30/2020 10:37:04


03/28/2020 08:40:29

03/27/2020 16:41:31

Hello my sweet friend. Stopping by to let you know

Im feeling a little better. I hope you are doing ok and staying safe.

Im thinking of you and you are in my prayers.

 Thank you for visiting my page while i was away.

Im hoping to go back to work next week. 

Will find out monday when i see my dr.

You are in my heart and thoughts and prayers. 

I hope you have a safe and wonderful weekend.

God Bless you and your family.

Please stay safe. God is with all of us. 

03/25/2020 14:33:19

Wishing you well. And, able to get what you need in the coming days!


03/25/2020 14:27:52


03/25/2020 08:21:56

03/24/2020 07:17:23

03/23/2020 11:38:37


03/23/2020 08:18:15

03/22/2020 15:31:48

As I live in Washington State where this virus first entered the country I thought I had better let you know so far I am doing ok. Life has changed a lot since I last posted. I think one does not appreciate our freedom usually but now things are different. We have been asked by the Governer to stay home. All restaurants and most businesses have been closed. My son is a barber with his own little shop but now he cannot work. No income. The virus is spreading and they are hoping to gain time to adjust everything by asking people not to go out. Church is now been videoed online as we cannot go to services. That is strange. So far 94 have died in this area and 1500 have tested positive. Not all people have bad symptoms so it's not easy to tell if you have it or not. There is not enough testing kits to go around and only medical workers and those who have symptoms are tested. I hope you all stay well. It's going to take a while, it won't go away at the end of the month so take care. Hugs and many Blessings, Eileen

03/22/2020 08:57:20

03/21/2020 15:18:36

03/21/2020 07:52:07

03/20/2020 15:55:58


03/20/2020 07:35:49

03/19/2020 09:41:33

Take all precautions and stay safe..

03/16/2020 15:58:53

03/14/2020 20:11:16

03/09/2020 10:49:59

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