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07/04/2019 08:39:29

07/01/2019 18:48:22

❤Hello my friend.
I'm stopping by to say "Hi" and
let you know
I hope you have a wonderful week
Lots Of Hugs❤, Judi.

07/01/2019 16:23:39

Have a Great week

06/29/2019 16:18:43

Happy 4th. of July

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06/28/2019 11:31:24

 Happy weekend... the last of June for 2019! Sharing flowers from our garden, THE thing I like about summer:) Mammo done Tues, bloodwork this morning, and Tues our 6mo check w/doc. Then quiet until the 10th for next appmt w/B'ham doc. I wish for you an enjoyable and peaceful celebration of our Fourth, sweet pal. Enjoy the girls, as I know they will you. Love you! *hugs*

06/27/2019 17:48:26

I hope you're having a good week.

06/27/2019 11:04:10


06/18/2019 10:05:45

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06/14/2019 13:16:34

Enjoy your rest time, sweetie. :) *hugs*

06/13/2019 02:30:25

Poor Pete is sitting here with a heat pack on his back. We've no idea what's he's done to himself but he's in extreme pain. Oh dear Pat, he's a worry.

Next month I'll be offor my Christmas in July Bus Trip. I don't know the destination yet, but I'm sure we'll all enjoy it.

I've never eaten barramundi ... I'd never though about it before but I'll have to try it sometime soon. Pavlovas ... now that's another story ... love pavs. lol

It is interesting and quite understandable that our wine growers exchange crews as the seasons change. An amazing experience for all involved.

Almost dinner time here, so I'd best close down for a while.
Hoping all is well with you and your beautiful girls.

Hugs ...

06/12/2019 10:23:42

I love this strawberry layout, sweetie!! I've tried several times getting a patch going in our yard, but they never liked it here. lol Have a wonderful hump day and upcoming weekend. Love you...

06/11/2019 11:22:37

06/09/2019 10:06:03

06/09/2019 03:53:05

Thank you for you kind comment on my layout. It's created round one of Elizabeth's beautiful Tutorials.
Pete is blessed to keep as well as he does, considering he had by pass surgery that went horribly wrong ... redoing the op and having a stroke during the proceedure. He's recovered almost completely from the stroke, which was a big battle to contend with while mending after his surgery. He's super tough Pat.
We did have snow in Stanthorpe about 140 miles away from us. Might be quite a distance but we're feeling the chill. lol

My weekend has been great. I hope that yours is too.
Hugs ...

06/08/2019 12:54:21

I've been eating strawberries.  Can you tell? I don't get here much but made sure to climb The Hill today.


06/07/2019 17:34:18

05/30/2019 03:50:04

Good morning.

My Pete is very
lucky that he’s never broken any bones. A recent bone density test, shows that
his bones are normal. Maybe it’s all of his years of cycling that has
contributed to this. He terribly accident prone though and I think this is because he’s always in a rush. His brother is the same.
You were
so unlucky to have the fall, that still limits your mobility.

Today has
been another beautiful day. The cool really setting in tonight.
As there’s not
much worth watching on the TV tonight, I think I’ll go to bed early and finish
reading the book I’ve been enjoying. A mystery thriller of course. lol
Have a
great day Pat.
Big hugs ...

05/28/2019 19:10:21

05/28/2019 12:10:59

Image may contain: candles and fire

05/28/2019 05:07:55

Pete and I are doing OK.
Pete's had three falls in the past couple of months and thank heavens, he still bounces instead of breaking. He's nursing a very sore knee and bruised forehead at present. He's a worry Pat.

Our weather has been quite enjoyable. We've had our share of rainy and cool days but all very liveable, with lots of sunshine inbetween. We really are very lucky, weather wise.

Hoping all is well with you.

Luv and hugs ...

05/25/2019 10:42:20

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05/24/2019 17:56:04

Yes, we did have a good chat, didn't we:) I love it, love it. I wish you a relaxing weekend sharing your newly found stache of photos, pal. Enjoy!  *hugs*

05/21/2019 10:58:40

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05/18/2019 21:34:34

Thank you Pam and Dixie.  It's good of you to share the sad news about Jean. I agree Pam that it was a sad day when Doc Shell's old site was lost.  Jean had some lovely layouts.  Hugs to all.

05/18/2019 11:31:55

Days Of The Week Comments

05/17/2019 19:56:09

Thank you for letting me know Pat. Jean will be dearly missed.

So sad that Shell's old site was lost through Photobucket.

Jean had all of her Layouts there.

Hoping all is well with you.

Luv and hugs ...

05/17/2019 10:57:19

Hello Pat, sorry to see the news on the passing of Jean. Although I did not know her, it is still sad to hear of a NOTH Member’s passing away. I recently lost a friend here 3 weeks ago. Have been a member at NOTH for 11 years. Thanks again, and have a blessed weekend.

05/16/2019 10:35:26

Thank you, Pat, for the news on Jean's death. I posted a bulletin and asked for it to be re-postedfor all who knew her. Sad.
Hope you're having a good week. All is good on this end. Can already see better from that eye, and is working in syc w/the other beautifully! Thx for your good wishes that always help!! *hugs*

05/12/2019 00:09:38

05/11/2019 11:30:30

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