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01/26/2020 09:47:27

Wishing you a super sweet Sunday, dearest you! I love this layout sooo much. Classy and beautiful!  The l'il lady you sent has incredible talent. When they're that young it means parental guidance. They're doing good, too:) Take care, pal! *hugs*

01/21/2020 14:45:01

Have a great day 41

01/20/2020 17:07:21

Have a wonderful week 16

01/19/2020 11:56:02

Stopping by to say hello. Hope all is well with you.

Hope your weather is good to you.

We had a snow storm last night.5 to 8 inchs.

The sun is out today. A little bit warmer to melt the snow.

Your in my prayers for anything in your life. 

God is with you every step of the way every day.

God bless you with lots of angel hugs. :-)

01/18/2020 09:18:49

Good morning, pal!  Is it nippy at your house this morning as it is here? We won't get any of the snow this time, but maybe next?  I'll call you soon... outgoing calls okay, it just doesn't let me know when someone's calling in, Has been kinda handy re: the scam calls:) I just can't think about getting a new one yet. When I got this one prices were do-able; but, now... another samsung is gonna be outta sight. Do you have weekend plans? Ours is to stay in and keep warm... in low 20s again. Li'l kitty will be under covers in the daytime again. lol Love and will talk to you soon! *hugs*

01/11/2020 18:19:56

Wishing you a beautiful, relaxed weekend dear Pat. 
Big hugs … 
PS Our weather is easing a little and giving our (and your) amazing firefighters a much needed break. We can do with all of the rain that you can send too. We're not in a safe place yet.

01/11/2020 18:00:45

Hello my sweet friend. I hope your weekend is 

Going well for you.

My heart goes out to Puerto Rico and Australia and now Allaska.

Its so sad to see what is going on in this world.

They are in my prayers. 

I hope all is well and i hope you have a good night.

Please take care. God Bless you. :-)

01/06/2020 10:16:01

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01/04/2020 11:47:25

Your New Year festivites sound soooo good, Pat. Glad you enjoyed the holidays all the way around. It's finally sunny here today after 3 days of rain, but we ended up w/less than others, and thankful for that. Am figuring out the Fire TV cube Lee gave us... yep, finally got it hooked up. As he kept telling us, it wasn't so hard! ha! We have movies galore now. Have a peaceful & cozy weekend, pal... the best!!  *hugs*

12/31/2019 16:36:17

12/31/2019 10:20:18

 My wishes for you are many... health,
happiness, peace & love. C'ya next year!
Love 'n *hugs* -di

12/29/2019 15:45:09

Miscellaneous New Year Comments

12/27/2019 13:20:50

 Hi, sweet pal... Happy Friday and
have a good weekend!

12/23/2019 19:26:05

12/22/2019 11:26:50

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday, sweet pal. It's drizzling, all yesterday and today. We are lucky to get it. Will near 70º Christmas Eve and Day. I'll be in shorts wishing for snow... Love and *hugs*!!

12/21/2019 13:21:20

The countdown is on … 
Christmas day is almost here. 
Hugs ...

12/21/2019 11:06:29


12/15/2019 06:59:20


12/13/2019 09:44:56

I enjoyed your visit, pal:) I'm glad we're in this season of the year... still a child at heart:) I guess you know Bama plays Michigan NY Day in Orlando. Will you be watching the game? (ESPN, I think.) Love you sweetie... will talk visit again before Christmas. *hugs*

12/13/2019 08:05:59

Seasons Greetings Present picture

12/13/2019 03:34:58

 I'm not visiting The Hill as often these days. 
I thought that retirement would mean that you had sooo much time to spare … 
quite the opposite. My days are never long enough. lol
Pete and I are okay for young fellows. 
Enjoy all the fun of the upcoming festivities.
 Luv and hugs ...

12/12/2019 17:30:20

Hi Pat
Just checking out your page before I log off here for tonight.. 

12/08/2019 11:51:39

Have a nice day

12/07/2019 20:25:22


12/04/2019 16:25:50

11/30/2019 20:44:55

Lovely layout you've selected, sweet pal. Isn't it wonderful to have such a selection from our "designing women":) Thanks for stopping by. I love your visits. Hard to believe December is here and day after tomorrow it will be Christmas Day! So glad you had a nice Tksg. We did too, and I've spent the past 2 days doing precious little trying to get rested up. lol Aren't I a ninny! Love you... talk more later!  -di

11/27/2019 06:47:38

11/24/2019 16:58:54

 Enjoy making new Thanksgiving memories,
and drawing on those from the past, pal:)
Love & *hugs* -di

11/19/2019 09:55:21

 Lookie here... some special person is
putting the leaves BACK on the tree. lol
Enjoy! Enjoy!  *hugs*  to my pal! -di

11/18/2019 08:08:44

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