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80 years old
Victoria, BC

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Old Turner classic movies.
Pursuit of Happyness (Will Smith)

Old shows like Father Knows Best, Andy Griffiths Show & Donna Reed etc;

Russell Watson
Josh Groban
Michael Buble
Sarah Brighman
Anne Murray
Rita McNeil
Celtic Woman
Val Doonican
and most easy listening music.

All Frank McCourt books
All Maisie Moscoe
Helen Forrester books
Catherine Cookson
Betty White
Carol Burnett
Indu Sanderusan

Evergreen Magazine
People's Friend (english magazines)


My favourite colours are Teal Green & Periwinkle Blue, but I like most colours, after all, they blend harmoniously in nature.

Chicken, roast potatoes, scalloped potatoes, shepherds pie & fish. Doughnuts, Cherry pie, Eccles cakes & Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream Mmmm! And mustn't forget the KFC!

My Family Photos

Very quiet, bit of a homebody really.
I returned (Sept 2009)after my third visit to Australia to visit Arthur, who I had known and loved 50 yrs ago when I was 15 (he 17). This time he returned with me for good. We got engaged in Australia and we were given a lovely engagement reception by all the friends we had there. Life is so wonderful at times!
Arthur & I were married on July 29th 2011 at 2pm in Victoria, BC. Canada at Craigdarrock Castle. It was a beautiful sunny day with family present.
Finally two sweethearts together after so many years.

Scrapbooking & working in Paint Shop Pro & Digital Image on my own photographs. Now I am into making my own greeting cards and enjoying it a great deal. Retirement has it's advantages :-)
Walking on the beach or in the park with my husband,even in the rain. Spending time with my kids & grandaughter and my husbands daughter & her family. Most of all being with my wonderful husband & soulmate.
I enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and the things around me.
I love my children immensely & I'm so proud of the way they have grown & turned out, I also like my new daughter-in-law Janet & hubby Brent in Australia, who have 5 autistic children, two her own & 3 step children, she is a wonderful caring woman who is doing a fabulous job....

old naked lady running photo: Running naked Manrunningnaked.gif

I run the other way when I hear complainers & whiners, dishonesty.
Don't like spiders or snakes!
Don't like pasta, asparagus, squid,octopus,squash & avocado.
Don't like people who gossip & try to cause animosity.
Do NOT like people who manipulate.
Don't like people who steal others bandwidth on PB.

Scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, reading. Making my own greeting cards. Working with Paint Shop Pro & Digital Image on my own photos, and using Print Shop & Printmaster to make business cards & Newsletters etc; Love Digital Scrapbooking.

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