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05/28/2020 15:37:19

Take care~~~~~ debijo

05/27/2020 07:06:20

& wishing you a happy hump day. Plenty of rain here with the light
show & sound effects. The wife & school nurse both retired so a
big sign was put in the school yard that said "Admired & Retired Ms
Greene & Nurse Dodie " Several teachers gave the wife flowers &
the 4th grade teachers gave her a $70.00 Amazon gift card. Such a loving
& thoughtful bunch of people there.

05/25/2020 13:33:02

Happy Memorial Day! Be Safe! Hugs!

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05/24/2020 08:02:01


05/23/2020 10:15:00

05/23/2020 05:21:07

A good weekend to you. Rainy week scheduled for us. Have a great week and stay safe to remember those who gave all.

they gave their tomorrows for our todays

05/22/2020 19:10:36

05/22/2020 11:53:05

05/21/2020 08:52:49

05/20/2020 21:42:22

05/20/2020 20:05:30

Animated Tulip and Butterfly flowers butterfly animated gif blossom tulipHow are you Deborah?? Boyd&I are fine. He put out a small garden for us. So cold here last week. I believe one of my Butterfly Bushes might have died! Take care. Shirley

05/20/2020 03:30:23

day and wishing a beautiful day for a beautiful lady. Got up to 96 here
yesterday And another hot one today but that time of year again. Hope
all is well with you and yours so stay safe and happy......George

05/18/2020 10:42:03

 Have a delightful new week! :)

05/17/2020 15:19:32

Dropping by to say hi... Hope you are doing well and enjoying your Sunday, it seems to be flying by.  It was a rainy day here yesterday but the sun is out today, hopefully it will last for awhile. Take care and have a great week~~ hugs, debijo

05/16/2020 02:31:15


05/15/2020 20:42:25

05/15/2020 04:27:53

happy weekend to you. A beautiful day to start but more rain on the
way. Some businesses are starting to open now but with some limitations
schools are closed until August and not knowing for sure on reopening
schedule. Be so glad when it gets back to normal and people can get back
to work. Enjoy your weekend doing what you like And stay

05/13/2020 13:16:36

I'm going to be moving, Monday the 18th so i will be offline for a while. I will try to be back as soon as possible. Have a nice day.                                                                      

05/13/2020 08:36:57

05/13/2020 05:48:57

day to you my friend. Wow ! we really got the rain yesterday with 5 3/4
in. & rain predicted all week. Couple of tornadoes just north of us
but thankfully no injuries & not much damage. Enjoy the rest of the
week & take care.....George

05/11/2020 09:46:15

05/11/2020 06:58:36


05/10/2020 16:12:29

05/10/2020 13:04:07

I hope you have a wonderful day.... hugs, debijo

05/09/2020 14:27:51

Hope your weekend is a relaxing one! Thank you so much for your friendship!

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05/09/2020 10:32:42

 Enjoy all you do and whoever
you can be with this weekend:) -di

05/09/2020 09:47:50

05/09/2020 07:30:25

big hello & happy weekend to you. Beautiful day to start with
several days coming. Have some baby back ribs, chicken & smoked
sausage to cook out today which will give us a couple of days for meals
with all the trimmings. Be glad when we can get back to normal to have
friends over. Your invited a virtual visit to join us. Have a great
weekend my friend....George

05/08/2020 16:59:34

Hope you are having a great Friday so far. I took the day off so will enjoy having a 3 day weekend.. Just got done mowing the lawn and weed-eating.. Starting to get rather warm out. suppose to be in the 90's for a few days then cool down again. Take care and enjoy your weekend~~~ hugs, debijo

05/08/2020 09:36:39

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