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12/06/2021 10:35:45

this picture looks like my backyard

last night i had alot of deer

they are eating more birdseed than the 

birds..lol..have a great day..mk

12/06/2021 08:19:58

good morning George,

12/06/2021 00:41:27

12/05/2021 23:26:09

~Wishing you a great week~Sweet Sleep~ Hugs~ Lorri

12/05/2021 15:56:27

Sharing with you the photos of why I wasn't here yesterday. We had girls day at my house and after a pizza lunch, we made soap. Youngest grandson, Jude, came along and he was our helper. We had so much fun and made several scents of both glycerin and goat's milk soaps. Have a great evening! Your Christmas page is beautiful, George.

Many hugs~


12/05/2021 12:05:51

12/05/2021 10:00:58

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas,
while our days are in the 70s.That just
won't work, will it:) *hugs*

12/05/2021 03:11:28

12/05/2021 02:30:58

12/04/2021 20:42:57

I will be praying that the cancer will be healed, and I hope that your weekend was good.

 photo 1155DS.jpg

12/04/2021 16:21:48


12/04/2021 13:06:29

Wishing you the best results on tests. The Big C can be a real downer.

Enlarge photo 2

12/04/2021 11:16:52


We have been dreary, foggy, and just plain wet with no rain for two days.  Leaves are EVERYWHERE!  And too wet to get picked up.  


Definitely can't blow them anywhere.  And here I am instead of paying bills or any of the 100 other things on my list that need to get done.  We have friends supposed to come over tomorrow or I wouldn't even get dressed again until Monday!  


At least our temperatures aren't cold.  We started today at 62.  We were in the mid 70's last week.  Next week our highs are in the 50's, 60' and 70's.  Just all over the place.  


I have to get busy now.  Don't know exactly when I will be back here but looking forward to hearing from you and how your December is going this year.  


12/04/2021 09:15:04

good luck with your upcomng tests xo

12/04/2021 08:52:19


Kylekid wrote:

A good day and happy
weekend to you. Getting ready for a little cool down and rain for a few
days. going in next week for a breathing test and biopsy on my lung
where the cancer is to see if radiation or stronger chemo is needed.
Taking a pill now but not really strong enough. Time will tell on what
needs to be done. Share your smile with others.....George

12/04/2021 08:47:54

beautiful winter gif - Clip Art Library

Good morning my friend

Just passing by to wish you

A wonderful and peaceful weekend

Take good care as always.  Mikey

12/04/2021 01:02:04

12/03/2021 21:31:07

Good night and
sweet dreams my friend

12/03/2021 18:19:04


Oh what a joy, not only to survive a week of working, but to finally make it to NOTH and see so many messages from such dear friends.  


So I decided that I would come visit each of you first.  Then I would read all the messages.  When I got home each day, I thought I would make it here... but can you believe that LIFE got in the way.  Seems like there was always something that needed attention.  


I have missed everyone so much and have so many little things to do before tomorrow and then it will be Monday and back to work.  I am going to get the hang of this work thing again.  I am so blessed with a Hubby that helps a lot.  


And look what I came home to after my first day at work.  My hubby went to Costco and bought me "Orange Crush" Roses.  I am beyond Blessed.  Now y'all keep those precious comments coming and I will be back as soon as I can because your friendship means the world to me.  


12/03/2021 13:08:32


12/03/2021 10:08:20

12/03/2021 10:05:06


Hello my friend George..

It's Friday meaning we're in the weekend already

I'm going to be busy during this month

due to job relations

but I will try to be here from time to time..

I'm wondering if you saw the christmas tree lit up on TV

unfortnately for me.. my job schedule didn't allowed me to see it.

Probably this weekend I will put up a small christmas tree.

Take good care my friend.. Have a wonderful day.  Mikey

12/03/2021 09:13:32

good morning George, your page is so pretty. How nice that your son got your decorations put up. I know you appreciated it all and I bet it looks good. We have begun decorating a little here and there. Hope to get the tree up tomorrow.  Have a good weekend and take care.

12/03/2021 04:51:57

12/03/2021 01:58:55

12/02/2021 16:25:40

Pin on Good Night

May the real vibes of the evening
fill your heart with peace and joy!
Good evening to you my friend and
Good night to me ... Many :)))) Jo

12/02/2021 12:49:03

So glad your son is looking out for
you, George. Enjoy this
special season! *hugs* -di

12/02/2021 08:41:59


Hello my friend 

I hope all is well

and want to wish you a fantastic day

Take care always.. Mikey

12/02/2021 01:33:14

12/01/2021 22:12:52

What a Sweet Son~ You are Blessed!! Hugs

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