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Posted On: 09/28/2020 09:54:48

As a teenager. it seemed being 60 years old was an age far far away, and I recall seeing the show, "Beatlemania". I think with the song, "When I'm 64", that age I'd be old and now on the other side of that number ,the number 70 is dreadful, as my days being 60 something come to a devastating end. Sixty is bad, seventy is worse, and eighty, most likely will require a hearse.
Who says age is just a number. 70 is the new 50. So 80 is the new 60? Using that logic, 100 is the new 80. Hopefully it's not all doom and gloom now. ....But driving on the highway this past weekend, the unwelcome fact has hit me that my speedometer speed is lower than me age unless I'm zooming somewhere like on Route 80 on my excursions to Pennsylvania .
So when I was asked what I want for my birthday , I had to give that question a lot of thought. I need something or someone to help ease this deplorable transition of being in my 70s. I have decided upon a gift for myself that should last the whole year to help get through this depressing time in my life. I want a butler. I want a servant at my beckon call. I want an auto mechanic available 24/7. I don't want a chauffer. I want to drive. If my car has an issue ,I want a replacement ASAP. I'm fine with a Nissan or Hyundai or Toyota. I don't ask for anything fancy.
AND I'd like a 25-30 year old gorgeous sexy social director and itinerary planner who doubles as a conjugal partner. Basically, what I'm saying is I want to do whatever I want to do whenever and wherever I want to and someone else will do what I have to do....all this for just a year. Is that so much to ask?
Furthermore, I want to eat at every possible restaurant I can over the next 365 days unless I choose to eat at home. This goes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I want to try every gizmo and gadget on the market to see if I really like things like an air fryer or those Nuwave ovens that cook items in many ways with infra-red or ultraviolet or convection or some microwave combination of cooking .I want to know what works best for my taste
. I'll cook myself. I'm not asking for a chef but I want a full array of oils and spices and of course want to try every brand of ice cream. If I'm in the mood for lobster tails and a rib eye steak for breakfast, that's what I want. I want to eat what I want ,when I want ,and where I want. Is that so much to ask? As I said, just for one year so I can adjust to being so old. . YES. These few simple desires are all I want for my birthday. 


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01/13/2021 20:00:22

Love it and feel the same way. I hate losing my beauty but on the other hand, it is better than having no birthdays.

10/03/2020 13:31:37

As our son has told us repeatedly, "It's only a number... just count your friends, and not your candles!" The calendar has informed me that it is 80 years since I arrived on this planet... and the celebrations aren't over with yet. I'm looking forward to celebrating again in a year from now.

Enjoy that time you have left, and don't grieve the time that has passed!

09/30/2020 20:16:05

Fear not the advance of age. I will be 86 this month, and it does have advantages. Nobody expects much of you, they let you do as you like, they help if you need help, they will even help you dispose of your money if you don't keep your wits about you. You may find that the selection of birthday presents consists of things that you have long ago outgrown but the giver still considers highly acceptable, depending on the age of the donor. Taken all round, you can perceive that YES they still love you, even if you're 70, and their admiration grows the more you make the effort to be independent. Happy birthday!

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