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05/25/2017 23:56:41

Darlene, I was watching it on TV today and it said it was for the 25th. I though I had sent it before but wasn't sure. Usually, if I try to post something I have already done the title will pop up and let me know. Hugs XO

05/19/2017 19:46:25

Spring Fun   by BRU

Hi Darlene it sure  got cool here .Crazy weather..From  70 and 80 degrees this week to the upper 40`s near 50 late in the day. .It sure cooled the house off though.

Don`t want to put the heat on again either.
Might have to put that comforter  back on lol.

Good sleeping weather  for sure.

We are due for some heavy rain tomorrow but i hope it at least warms  back up again.

Thought i would pop on in and give you a  visit .

Stay well Darlene  :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

x Rick :-D

05/18/2017 08:45:21

Good morning, like you I haven't been faithful on this page, just was going over the messages sent awhile back, and there you were, yes my sister and I hang out together a lot, we try to keep each other company, as of now things are beginning to even out for her, 7 months for her and 2 1/2 years for me, I am

doing well, thank you for the note last time, Sylvia Blessings of the day to you.

05/10/2017 08:11:18

05/08/2017 13:23:11

Have a wonderful week ahead-:)

05/06/2017 07:54:42

We need to make a deal with Mother Nature , send some our rain to some of the dry places in the world ... Have a goodun ... HUGS ... Don ...

05/02/2017 19:16:25

04/30/2017 08:28:08

04/29/2017 08:33:11

Dont you just love them when they are working right .....

Have a good weekend ... HUGS ... Don ...

04/25/2017 15:43:47

Hi Darlene,

Played Golf today before the rain came
in. We played in less than 3 hours and beat the rain. Wahoo!!!


04/14/2017 15:39:27

Happy EasterH

Hi partner wishing you and yours a Happy Easter Sunday.

It should be a beautiful day.

Hope you doing ok Darlene im doing good   feeling better than i was but im ok .

  I had those burning doggies i guess from walking way too much and need to slow it down some . 

Stay well my friend.

Rick :)

11/05/2016 08:54:11

Good morning, this lovely November day, sun is shining into my living room and is  very enjoyable to God be the glory for this weather this time of year.

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday, will be glad when this menagerie is over and whomever gets the most votes will be our president. God help us to do the right thing for our country.

Have a wonderful Saturday, God be with you, my friend. Sylvia

10/31/2016 14:21:42

So we both live in Pa., I am in Lancaster county, not far from Hbg. It's cooler today but a beautiful day to enjoy God's creation, have a walking trail just in back of my home, enjoy that on a day like today.

By the way welcome to my page, Sylvia

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