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06/26/2017 19:31:36

nice Weekend my friends ::: schönes Wochenende meine Freunde

Hi Darlene  we had some hot days there for a spell, but things are looking up  for the time being. 

Have you ever had a block party on your street before? 

We did .It more was for the little kids really.

The parents were there more  to watch for the toddlers so they stay safe.

I really wasnt around much.People would come with their children .they had shoot the hockey puck, one home set up a lemonade stand , then they were painting the kids faces.
Everything was done on a schedule but it got out of hand as usual .im sure word got out and every kid  came to life over here.

Kids would be riding their bicycles  and they had this big massive  float where the kids could get inside it and play with it it was long .  It started from 10 am to 10 pm .

All cars had to be off the street.

The kids seemed to like that  big float  the bestwhere you get inside and play knocking things down  running through a maze.

Later on they  opened up the fire hydrant so the kids could run through the water .

Thats about all they had in our day

.We never had no block parties like that in our day.

At dusk this one home set up a screen where a movie  could be watched on this huge screen .

It should of been more controlled with how things were to go but people began splitting up in sections instead of sticking together . All in all it was fun for them. 

My block never came to life in over 28 years but that day  June 24th

Sometimes photobucket acts up and its on their end where you find  pictures not showing.

Its happened a few times on my end and you just have to go hunt it down again and get it back  Take care partner ,,Rick

Before i let you go  that gorilla  you tube the reason why he was going insane like that was because he saw a reflection of himself in the water.

When they see reflections they tend to become more aggressive.

I thought about that but never commented .

06/26/2017 16:28:43

 photo 9135rj7.gif

Just went to photobucket hun to see if i am still able to get there .all was ok .
so i dont know why your birthday comment was disabled .xx
Got to fly now .
X Summer X

06/26/2017 16:18:22

callisto62 wrote:

happy birthday photo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! happyZER0.jpg

    Hello my dear Summer

Happy birthday to a wonderful lady...

Thank you for being my friend..You will always be special to me..

Birthday hugs and kisses for you OX OX

Sorry hun 

i did not know this had happened .

i do remember you sending me a birthday comment and it came out fine at the time ,and i wrote back and thanked you for it .

but now it seems like you said it has been diabled by photobucket,

maybe the picture you sent to me back then has been taken off by photobucket.

I dont know .??

Maybe i will go to photobucket and see if i am still a member ,ha ha 

Been ages since i was there at least six months.

Thank you for making me aware .

I will give tou a chance to read this message then i will delete the disabled photobucket picture .xx luvya 

X   Summer   X

06/26/2017 09:08:34

 photo upsidecat_zpsudrtkztp.gif

Have a magnificent Monday, Darlene:) *hugs* -di

06/25/2017 19:08:24

Beautiful page my friend if I have not told you yet :)

06/24/2017 10:43:09

 photo wagswesmiles_zpseropyckh.gif

I still get excited about weekends, even tho out of school for ages, and many years retired. lol Enjoy yours, Darlene! *hugs* -di

06/23/2017 20:29:15

 photo 1AAAAAgirls_zps3b3e75b5.gif

Just stopping by to say 'Hello' Hugs XO

06/22/2017 11:41:47

 photo rainrshine_zpsxdqcwure.png

Have a day filled w/"Happy". *hugs* -di

06/22/2017 10:05:22

Enjoy the new day ahead-:)

06/20/2017 01:04:14

 photo wagsgrnhello_zpswxmzhpad.png

Happy, Fun Tuesday, Darlene!  *hugs* -di

06/19/2017 21:59:09

~Good evening my friend

06/18/2017 15:12:37

Hi Darlene. Pretty page--love the  tulips. Hope you have a great week.


06/16/2017 20:53:05

Hugs and blessings,  Jackie

06/15/2017 10:31:59

 photo wagsani-relx_zpsyzguaco5.gif

The kids have games and camping planned this w/e, so coming today to
celebrate early Father's Day w/DH.  I brought in a bunch of hydrangeas
for the diningroom table. Least I could do as they are bringing lunch.
Isn't that nice!! lol *hugs*, friend, and have a lovely day! -di

06/03/2017 19:01:56

Just dropping by to say'Hello' Hugs XO

06/01/2017 18:04:27

Wisdom Begins With Wonder picture

What i lovely surprise" My Dear Little Moon Girl"

And thank you so much for your visit and for my birthday comments .

It was so very sweet of you .

God Bless 

Hugs and kisses i send to you . xxxxxxxxxxx

X   Summer   X

05/19/2017 19:46:25

Spring Fun   by BRU

Hi Darlene it sure  got cool here .Crazy weather..From  70 and 80 degrees this week to the upper 40`s near 50 late in the day. .It sure cooled the house off though.

Don`t want to put the heat on again either.
Might have to put that comforter  back on lol.

Good sleeping weather  for sure.

We are due for some heavy rain tomorrow but i hope it at least warms  back up again.

Thought i would pop on in and give you a  visit .

Stay well Darlene  :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

x Rick :-D

05/08/2017 13:23:11

Have a wonderful week ahead-:)

04/25/2017 15:43:47

Hi Darlene,

Played Golf today before the rain came
in. We played in less than 3 hours and beat the rain. Wahoo!!!


04/14/2017 15:39:27

Happy EasterH

Hi partner wishing you and yours a Happy Easter Sunday.

It should be a beautiful day.

Hope you doing ok Darlene im doing good   feeling better than i was but im ok .

  I had those burning doggies i guess from walking way too much and need to slow it down some . 

Stay well my friend.

Rick :)

11/05/2016 08:54:11

Good morning, this lovely November day, sun is shining into my living room and is  very enjoyable to God be the glory for this weather this time of year.

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday, will be glad when this menagerie is over and whomever gets the most votes will be our president. God help us to do the right thing for our country.

Have a wonderful Saturday, God be with you, my friend. Sylvia

10/31/2016 14:21:42

So we both live in Pa., I am in Lancaster county, not far from Hbg. It's cooler today but a beautiful day to enjoy God's creation, have a walking trail just in back of my home, enjoy that on a day like today.

By the way welcome to my page, Sylvia

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