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07/15/2018 17:37:31

Hello 100 SUMMER PARTY SIGN TDMUSIC photo 2282999a-3486-4ff3-9778-f0b0c927759a_zpskx0cgeko.jpg

400 HAVE A SUPER FUN WEEK SUMMER FUN POSTER photo 27d6136b-f51b-4c14-8ac0-84f06ebab315_zpshhdduwbt.png

Have A ''GREAT WEEK'' Darlene Enjoy!

Have a good time!



07/13/2018 11:08:40

What a lovely name the name of Jesus, everyday the same praise his holy name. Wonderful morning for a walk on the trail, was out for nearly an hour, truly God inspiring to be there with him alone and talk to him. Sylvia

07/08/2018 15:36:20

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead -:)

07/07/2018 23:07:17

Coffee Time, Good Morning Friends!Enjoy this lovely weather in the 50's tonight here in Pa., good night for sleeping with the windows upen,sleep well my friend. Sylvia

07/06/2018 09:57:39

 Hoping everyday is wonder-filled:) *hugs*

06/30/2018 12:05:05

Love your beautiful page and your kitty pics, Darlene:) *hugs* -di

06/11/2018 09:32:06

See the source imageA cloudy day in my neck of the woods, Pennsylvania, cool and damp, not a good laundry day for sure, don't use the dryer when I have lines on my back porch for that use. Hope for some sunny days soon. Sylvia

06/07/2018 20:10:13

Cheering You On!Have a blessed day from my heart to yours, haven't been on much lately, had a busy day today, off to Wal-mart to pick up a prescription, then off to my daughters to pick some meadow tea for the freezer to enjoy in the wintertime. Then visited my sister a few miles down the road., then home to spend time crocheting and watching tv, time to watch a Hallmark movie now. Have a wonderful weekend coming up soon. Sylvia Blessings

05/21/2018 09:08:36

Image result for christian good morning greetingsGood morning, sorry I haven't been on here, but now I'm up and about, this morning laundry done and hung out, some back in already. Dusting and just all around cleaning today, love a clean orderly apt., always. Have a wonderful day, Sylvia

05/01/2018 09:31:17

 Happy May Day, Darlene:)

04/20/2018 20:12:18

Spring Photos Free - Spring Flowers Pictures - Spring Flowers ImagesHappy Saturday to you and yours, lovely cool day today in my town in Pa., went for a walk, not many were out walking, some were carrying bags to pick up trash, I thanked them for their service. Have a lovely trail to walk on and very peaceful, meet many people usually, and stop and talk for awhile. Have a great weekend, Sylvia

04/20/2018 15:22:10

Wishing you a fun and safe weekend. *hugs*...

04/14/2018 00:59:07

Hi Darlene...Oh! we certainly are different in our choice of seasons or Temps.  I'm sure you would love to be here at the moment as we are going through a realy cold change. Early this week we had temps in the high 80's  to low 90's...A real Indian Summer then yesterday it began blowing a gale and the storm clouds rolled in bringing with it  a vast drop in the temps along with some rain. Those temps fell again overnight and today the best it can do is in the high 40's with showers, Needless to say I haven't ventured outdoors  more than I had too although I have to go out early evening for an hour or so then back home with the heater on..I know I'm a real softie when it comes to the cold LOL.   Your page is very pretty. Looks just like Spring.  Take care. Pat

03/30/2018 13:29:13

Good Friday afternoon, asking for prayer for one of my widow friends, she was in an accident yesterday morning, had to cut her out of the car, is in hospital with multiple injuries. Thanks for prayer. Sylvia

02/19/2018 21:00:35

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A long dreary day today, snow on Saturday, sunny yesterday and the snow is just about gone in Lancaster County, Pa. Tomorrow to be sunny with bouts of rain, that's ok at least it will be warmer again. So very ready for spring to get some flowers and vegetables planted, not yet though, wait till May or end of April to do that. Have a great week, roses to you from me. Sylvia

01/10/2018 18:47:57

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A beautiful day today, was out and about doing necessary things, the next few days are to be nice but then rain and then back to winter again, seasons are changing from time to time, and we need to dress warm even when its like it is now, the flu is coming around our area so we must take care not to be around those who are ill. Have a good rest of the week, Sylvia

10/31/2016 14:21:42

So we both live in Pa., I am in Lancaster county, not far from Hbg. It's cooler today but a beautiful day to enjoy God's creation, have a walking trail just in back of my home, enjoy that on a day like today.

By the way welcome to my page, Sylvia

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