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02/25/2021 14:48:59

... and all day long, Darlene! :) *hugs* -di

02/22/2021 17:21:56

Have a happy new week, Darlene:) *hugs* -di

02/22/2021 12:23:23

Have a wonderful Blessed  day  Be safe 

God Bless love   


02/20/2021 13:53:34
From: Angelfire2
02/20/2021 13:17:53


take care    be safe   



02/20/2021 09:39:14

good morning...hope all is well in your world. sun is shining bright here today, the birds are singing...and not so cold. hopefully that's a sign all of this really bad winter weather is done reaking havok on this country. my thoughts and prayers go out to people in texas who are suffering . i wish you a day of happiness and peace...mk

02/17/2021 15:07:56

Hope your day is just perfect! *hugs*

02/14/2021 14:21:04

Ok i confess i don`t think i could say the weather outside was a bit on the warm side and they might of melted  on the way . lol

night we had  -30 below temperatures. 

Right now its  much better.

reach a high of 10 later on then its  back to the  frigid weather.

It would of been a heck of a night had the gas or electric  gone out.

I thought of that or  even the furnace conking out.  Everything here  is so sealed up.

That has happened to some people with their electric and gas going out.

Texas is bracing for some very cold weather soon  out there.

Things went pretty good here .

The house is so warm  after  raising the temperature and i had the water dripping  also .

Im saving as much of the dripping water as i can with plastic  milk containers instead of letting it go to waste. 

I hear this weather is  supposed to go now to your  area  the eastern states. 

They say it`s supposed to be worse than here.  And the snow just keeps on a coming  no let up in site .

Have a  very nice week  ahead   Darlene :) 


02/13/2021 16:56:40

Russell Stover Chocolate Happy Valentine's Day inside

Have a Happy Valentines Day  Darlene .

Stay warm out there .

We had more snow that just wont stop coming down and tonight its going down to -5 degrees with a windchill of -30. 

Pretty brutal .

 Hang in there  and stay safe :)  xRick

02/13/2021 15:11:23

Have a wonderful Valentines Day

02/13/2021 11:53:58

wishing you a happy week-end..mk

02/12/2021 11:59:35

Cya Monday, Darlene. I'm off this weekend:)
 Stay safe, warm 'n cozy. *hugs* -di ღ

02/11/2021 20:34:07

Hey Darlene..rain has moved in here again..lingering thru Tuesday. Our temps will hover in the mid 40's dor a few days. You still getting snow there ? Folks North of us will see snow again..we always seem to miss the mark. But I'm ready for Spring. Enjoy your Friday -:)

02/11/2021 15:54:42

Happy Thursday night. Take care. Keep warm lots of snow here.Hugs Cará. 

02/09/2021 10:18:07

Good morning, Darlene:) *hugs*

02/06/2021 18:24:51

Hey Darlene..hope all is good your way. We are still without snow here..looks like more rain after midnight. Folks N of us will see snow like always. Enjoy the weekend -:)

02/05/2021 08:46:06

a cold and wintery day here. have a lovely friday..hugs..mk

02/03/2021 18:01:06

02/03/2021 10:24:04

another cold but very sunny day. hope all is well in your corner of the world. take care and have a sweet day..hugs..mk

01/28/2021 23:43:11

Hi DarleneHope All Is Well GIFs | Tenor

01/24/2021 11:06:12

hello, i hope the world has been treating you kind. enjoy your sunday..marykay

01/23/2021 09:33:13

 Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Saturday, Darlene:)  *hugs* -di

01/20/2021 09:03:29

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

01/19/2021 01:24:15

01/18/2021 07:30:49

A message of hope for people everywhere.

01/15/2021 08:44:43

good morning! hope you had a nice week...we are getting more snow here...2 to 4 inches...i don't have to go anywhere so going to enjoy it..have a lovely friday...much love marykay

01/15/2021 07:40:16

Hope your plans whatever they may be/Bring you a smile and no small amount of glee!

01/13/2021 20:49:19

Stopping by to say Hi and Wish You a Terrific Thursday!! Lily ;)

01/13/2021 11:46:48

No snow here yet, Darlene. But not giving
up. lol Happy hump day! *hugs* -di

01/13/2021 09:25:06

happy mid-week..hope your day is happy & sunny..mk

01/12/2021 09:28:42

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