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12/10/2023 12:01:52

... for your congrats! *hugs* -di
PS: Lovin' your Christmas page!

12/10/2023 04:44:26

Hello, if you can read me, I send you a good hug.

great, if not, I just wish that life hugs you

For me, I carry you here inside my heart,

Smile, there is always a reason and if there isn't,

  May today have one of those beautiful days, 

that from early on brighten the soul. with all my

love, and friendship, I wish you a nice Sunday, with

big hugs, Maria, take care of yourself, kisses

12/09/2023 07:14:52

12/09/2023 04:42:14

Hello, friend, today it's time for a big smile, attitude

positive, calm mind, and a heart, com

much love, to share the good things

with others.May abundance supply you with

everything today, and may you never lack anything in life,

May the light of the stars guide your steps and the Sun open you

the roads in this dawn with big hugs,

your friend, Maria, take care, kisses

12/08/2023 12:14:46


12/08/2023 08:18:37

12/08/2023 07:35:43

good morning, may your friday be great

enjoy it your way with new smiles

and happiness, kisses, and hugs, for you 


12/08/2023 03:15:54

hello good morning! If life gave you everything

what I wish for you, me, no one would exist

happier, because I wish it for you, with all my heart,

May you have a day full of joy and happiness,

May you not lack luck and have plenty of prosperity.

This weekend, enjoy it, to your liking, with

all my love, and friendship, take care, big hugs,

12/08/2023 00:57:05

Put on your slippers and be cosy this weekend, Dianne.  Hugs

12/07/2023 17:12:16

Welcome the weekend! Hope you are doing well. Tis the season to be comfy and cozy.🩷

12/07/2023 17:06:57

Dearest Dianne, I let you know that I'm the most time have not a chance to come in the internet, always problems with the DNS-Server. 
Enjoy the Christsmas-time, I'm thinking of You.
Warm Hugs, Angelika

12/07/2023 15:34:51

12/07/2023 14:40:10

Good afternoon. Its a nice 76* here. Feels like another Fall day here. Tomorrow it will be back to normal. Only in the 50's. Seems like it should be late September not December. Not much going on here. Got my laundry in the dryer and I have dishes to do but I wanted to get my comments out before I did them. Take care my friend and enjoy your afternoon whatever you may be doing. Hugs, Cheryl

12/07/2023 11:07:49

My Sweet Friend,

Thank you for stopping by.

I wish you well from my heart to yours,

sending you lots of happy blessings your way.


12/07/2023 07:57:47

12/07/2023 02:56:26

Hello, Today you are spreading happiness around the world,

I gave them your address, and I put you in the first place 

of ,the list, these days, I am in good company and

 with a lot of happiness, even if it doesn't last long, I

appreciate it and I need it May your Thursday be so

 special from the heart, I wish you 

Maria, big hugs, take care

12/06/2023 19:35:44

12/06/2023 08:27:05

12/06/2023 06:03:51

Hello, Smile, there is always a reason today I am radiant

  With so much burden that I have, I will have great support from

Who wouldn't expect this bridge to become shorter?

but with great courage, which he does from the heart,

and I love him too much, he encourages me, he gives me his affection,

and more and with that I am satisfied and I wish you, all the most beautiful,

For you my friend, you are always in me, take care of yourself, your Maria adores you.

12/06/2023 04:06:22

Happy Wednesday, Dianne.  Hugs

12/05/2023 13:22:27


Hello dear

I wish you a beautiful tuesday evening and night.

Love and hugs from Allana

12/05/2023 09:51:33

12/05/2023 08:27:28

12/05/2023 07:41:58

Hello Dianne! Are things getting 'holiday' busy for you? Today I'm getting my back shots; with that pain relief I'll be able to start cookie baking by Thursday. 🍪

12/05/2023 05:24:25

hello good morning! When you smile so do I.

 and If you are happy, so am I, That's why today, 

I wish you good luck, and a nice day, everything.

heart, if life gave you everything I wish for, for you,

I, there would be no one happier, because, I, I wish you,

Thank you with all my heart, for being my friend, I leave 

you The best of me, happy Tuesday, a big hug,

take care Maria...................

12/05/2023 02:13:19

Hello my sweet friend: Have a nice day...Happy Tuesday! Kisses

12/04/2023 15:31:12

Hello my friend. Sending winter hugs and Merry Christmas.
Winter Graphics

Winter Graphics

Winter Graphics

12/04/2023 08:49:04


12/04/2023 07:38:17

12/04/2023 07:31:30

Good morning my sweet friend, I hope you have a nice start to the week! Happy Monday! Kisses

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