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05/23/2022 11:08:54

05/22/2022 07:48:02

For those who have been ill, I wish you well; for those dealing with storms, I hope the sun now shines; for all, may your fortunes be promising 🔮

05/21/2022 16:37:58

Good Evening Dianne,thank you always ..."come sail away" ... and may your night be cool my dear friend

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05/21/2022 14:28:46

I got out early this morning and did all I could before it got so hot I had to come inside. Then I finished my household chores so now I can kick back and enjoy the rest of the day. I hope you've had a good day so far and have a wonderful afternoon/evening!

05/21/2022 02:45:40

Hello my dear friend, I wish you a special and beautiful Weekend. Kisses





05/20/2022 13:10:13

Its a beautiful cool Friday here. A cold front came in this morning and its only going to be in the low 70's here. And tomorrow only in the 50's. Hoping for some rain which we need. I hope you are having a great Friday my friend. Nothing going on this weekend. Just going to relax and enjoy it. Take care my friend, hugs Cheryl.

05/20/2022 12:24:36


05/20/2022 04:47:53

Don't forget to smell the roses and have a wonderful weekend, Dianne.  Hugs

05/19/2022 15:07:09

Good Afternoon my friend. Its a breezy and warm day here. Got some rain last night. It was a noisy and windy storm. A branch from one of our trees is down in the front yard. My husband will have to get it cut up this weekend. How are you doing? I'm doing good. This has just been a very busy week. I got excited when I went to the post office and I had a package. Some shirts I ordered came in. Made me happy. Not much else going on. Had to make a run to Walmart this morning and now I have the clothes in the dryer. Thank you for your friendship, I always look forward to reading your comments. Take care, Cheryl.

05/19/2022 14:31:39



05/19/2022 10:22:08

Finally some sunshine in Wonderland. I have come close to turning on the heat for it's been that chilly. Dyannie, wishing you health and happiness. 🦚

05/19/2022 09:51:54

05/19/2022 07:25:23

Every sunrise gives you a new beginning and a new ending. Let this morning be a new beginning

To say goodbye, is to die a little. To say good morning, is a hope for a new sunshine in a cloudy

 Happiness and bright sunny  days  beyours


05/19/2022 03:19:03

Good morning my dear friend: Have a great day, and never lose your smile! Kisses

05/18/2022 16:34:08

Goodnight Dianne,thank you always...sleep well with the sweetest dreams my dear friend

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05/17/2022 23:57:14

Big hugs and smiles 😃 Jackie

05/17/2022 15:27:31

Hi there. Its been a busy 2 days here. And tomorrow we are going to be out of town for my husband's diabetic doctor appointment. So that will be another busy day. This week is going by fast to me. I hope you have been doing good and the weather hasn't been to warm. Its 90 here and windy.The temperatures will be all over the place this week.My tomatoes are coming up but no cucmbers.The container they were in  got to much rain water in it one night and I guess it drown the seeds. I need to replant the cucmbers just haven't done it yet.  I have 7 little tomatoes plants in one pot. I know that's to many so I will have to pluck some out when they get a little bigger.I will go for now. Take care my friend and enjoy your afternoon.  Hugs, Cheryl

05/17/2022 09:42:52

Good morning Dear Friend,

I hope you are doing well

and everything is going

right in your life and 

each day brings with it

something special!

Thank you for being a

true and steadfast friend!

Love and hugs,


05/17/2022 09:31:15

I've been planting, transplanting and repotting some other plants. I thinnk I'm almost done with all that part and now waiting for the rain to move in so I don't have to keep watering. I hope you have a good day!

05/16/2022 19:12:16

GU BEAUTIFUL DYANNIE GOOD NIGHT... - Спокойной ночи открытки и картинки

See you tomorrow :)) Jo

05/16/2022 03:06:06

Good morning my dear friend,  have a great week. Happy Monday! Lot of kisses for you. 




05/15/2022 22:45:20

Welcome to a brand new week of sharing hope, comfort and hugs.🌈

05/15/2022 16:23:44

Good Evening Dianne,Thank You Always...May you have a wonderful and cool night dear friend

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05/14/2022 17:06:46

Good Evening Dianne,thank you always...enjoy a nice cup of coffee on the beach at sunset...wishing you a wonderful night my dear friend

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05/14/2022 15:19:04

Have a Nice Weekend GIFs - 80 Animated Pictures

Hello my friend Dianne

I hope you are enjoying your weekend

Relax and enjoy.

Be safe and take care.  Mikey

05/14/2022 01:40:27

How are you dear friend? I hope you have a nice weekend! Many kisses

05/13/2022 17:22:45

Good Evening Dianne,Thank You Always...wishing you have a wonderful and safe night...may the moon always shine on you my dear friend

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05/13/2022 15:40:12

Good Afternoon. Its a lovely day here only in the mid 80's and a breeze. Its been a busy day here. Went and ate lunch with the hubby at noon then came back and finished my housework. Our house stays cool with fans going and in the evening I open the windows and let the nice cool air in. Got a little chilly last night but it felt good to sleep in. I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon and will enjoy your weekend.Take care my friend, Cheryl

05/13/2022 12:08:36

05/13/2022 10:36:41

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