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Posted On 02/16/2015 15:24:50

Big puter down...lots of snow falling two foot drifts...sheesh! Anna must have upset the storm gods again! hugs all meems

Posted On 12/12/2014 16:19:41

2014*12*12 Friday EMOM'S MOUNTAIN NEWS...

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home.  Get in here and get warm! Even tho today was warmer and sunny, that 26 deg we had this morning was a doozy!

I know, I know... I've been remiss in my duties here.  (but ya love me anyway? right? ok, lie a little) The last two weeks or so have been hellacious!

Let's see here...About three weeks ago, Clyde disappeared. Saturday a week ago, Dish went out. No TV overnite. Nary a sound..no lights on either.  I was snuggled under a gazillion covers..comfy, cozy but wide awake.  Mother nature was calling and I didn't want to roll out.

OK, so it was about 0630 hours, window open, Houdi outside. All of a sudden, I hear an elderly male voice outside the east window. Now, because of the rain, it was still pitch black out there. Male voice shouted ''get off me''.  I figure that Houdi was greeting him.  Well anyway, I rolled out and grabbed the .38 and fired a round thru the bedroom window. Can you imagine another hole in the bedroom screen???? I bellowed out the window: ''and don't come back!".  Sheesh, I don't even need to get out of bed any more to get into trouble! 

So, anyway, then this past Monday, my IPS server went down totally.  Took phones and puter system down... AAAAAARGH! Still not sure system are all in service.  No phones, no puters-I called for extra patrol tuesday nite for the area.  Seems like ALL the services throughout my local service were down.  Whoopee!

OK, so Clyde had been gone for a week or better.  I decided I'd better start looking for a backup for Houdi.  (the gov has been stocking our area with all kinds of killer critters... truth... not counting the humans running the area) So, I started putting feelers out looking for a young dog (6 months maybe or less) Had people checking bulletin boards all over the surrounding territories looking for a freebie.  Will tell y'all about the freebie in the next edition if I remember... lololol  The brain is definitely going/gone! 

I'm outa here for a while.  Go in safety all of mine and DO take care! Remember if you come to visit, I shoot first and ask questions later... lolol

Many hugs, much love and loads of laffter... the manic meems  lolol

Posted On 11/28/2014 04:41:49

Thank you so much.
For the first time in many years, I heard something on the TV that shocked
the hell out of me! At 0500 hours, I heard Fox playing our National
Anthem...I looked at the screen and saw our flag flying high!

WAY TO GO FOX!!!!!! I am so proud of you. It would be fantastic if you
could do like we did in the past...play it daily... please? I know time is
a lot of money but I DO believe that it would help pull our country

Thank you so much.


Posted On 11/22/2014 15:07:16

2014*11*22 Saturday EMOM'S MOUNTAIN NEWS

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home!  Help yourselves in the kitchen and then come on outside and sit in the partial sun for a bit!  Great day!

Have I ever mentioned I have a strange way of living life??? Asking the same question of you... lolol  Have you ever done something you know better to do and then do it anyway?  Sheesh!  Sometimes I think I need a keeper! (Back to this in a minute, the keeper thingy)

Cold weather here off and on, right?  OK, so now I've rooted out the old paint sweatpants and painted t-shirts.  (still doing laundry on the summer things) Well, any way, knowing full well what could happen if I stand and try to get dressed... remember my balance problems... I get the pants and top and head for the bathroom.  I get out of the caftan and start to pull on the pants.  Right foot/leg into the top.  I promptly put my right foot in the right side pocket of the sweats... lololol 

Now, there I stand... left hand holding pants, right hand hanging on to door knob... shoulder now up against the bathroom door.. Dogs standing in door way to hall with strange looks (she's at it again) on their faces while I get untangled.  And to think I KNOW BETTER than to do this one legged foot in pocket possible thing. I know to park my buns on the seat but I don't do it anyway!  Am I making any sense here at all?

Tell you about the battles with the caftans later... or not.. lolol  BTW, a caftan is the best thing to wear in hot weather.  Even tho there is a lot of fabric involved, body motions cause caftan to move and, so help me, keep the body cooler.  The small air movements between the body and the fabric are so very cooling.

Marv, heads up here... Just discovered that Otzi, the ice man, had Lyme Disease!  That guy lived/died 5,000 years ago.  Bite your tongue, I am not quite that old BUT am I in a class with the famous or what?  lolol

Oh, a heads up here... them little corkscrew lightbulbs we are being forced (no choice) to buy right now can catch fire whether turned on or off.  I watched and helped put out several flourescent lights at work one time... it's the starters... Just be careful.

Oh, I keep forgetting... The Marv.  Has a new houseguest. No No NO!  Not that kind.  The four legged kind.  A HOUSE MOUSE!  And a super smart one at that!  Mousie can clean the mouse trap of the chunky peanut butter without tripping the mechanism!  Wowser.  Well, the Marv caught the smart mouse on some sticky paper and sorta' threw him away.  Mousie did not give up.  Marv found him - turned him loose out back.  (Whisper here...I'm sure mouse and Marv bonded) Anyhow, I told the Marv to make a feeding station out back and keep it stocked with peanut butter and other mouse goodies.  Any updates, and I'll let you know!

Take care all of mine and go in safety always. Remember that kindness to others cost nothing. You could end up with a mouse!

Many hugs, much love and lots of laffter... meems

Posted On 11/18/2014 15:03:12

2014*11*18 Tuesday EMOM'S MOUNTAIN NEWS

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home!  Got a bunch of White Castles at the store last week (?) Not just sure when... Tear open wrap, heat on high for 40 secs and chow down.  Now, before I forget... The mind is surely going...(SHUT UP MARV!) 

Went out front the other day... beautiful day.. sat on the rocker two seater for a bit.  Heard one of my flyg/g's up there.  Spotted it finally..started waving and I GOT FLASHED!!! Yes, I did.  Well, I waved and waved and threw kisses.. loved it.  Then here come another ... coming my direction.  And ya know what? Them ding ding brats marked an X over me with their contrails. No, I am not fluttering and winking! And a couple of days later, I was shoving Pyggs out the side door.. looked up and, so help me there was another X up there over the house.  You guys have any idea how good that makes me feel?  Not a cloud in the sky either time.  Love you, rotten kids.. be safe.

Now, I gotta tell ya that you need extra dose of courage and stubborn to move to the mountains at my age.  I think I will form a club for us'ns.  (Bobbi still has problems accepting the fact that I moved here from the greater Cinti area.)  lolol  When you move to the mountains, you give up: straight flat roads, safety rails alongside, telephone (last on the line), ditto TV service and puter services.  You learn that you cannot run down to the corner Stop and Go to buy anything you might run out of and need to complete the meal you are attempting to fix.

God forbid you should run out of vanilla.  There goes your favorite cocktail... What's worse yet is having the whip cream and cherry top for your drink... and you are looking at an empty bottle... (Boo Hoo) See, I told you I'm losing my mind!  lolol

Puter: Sheesh... lildell works most of the time but problems persist.  I CANNOT get to SKYPE on this puter... Says it is downloading and nothing happens.  Puter one is still down.

Now then, it's been really cold up here...I hear that Dewey (yes, that Dewey) and Anna have been messing with the storm gods... results: way below freezing, strong and gusty winds, snow, sleet, ice. Pond out back is frozen solid. And they are saying it (the serious wx) is all my fault.  Now, I haven't bad mouthed the Dew yet but I is gettin' ready. 

Yesterday, I called the PO in town... asking about a box to mail a largish package ... this guy I spoke to (a mutual friend with Anna) helped me a lot.  However, I did make mention of her being "a bad influence" and he agreed saying that she sure was!  I fell off the chair... and as soon as I got off the phone, I called Anna to let her know we had been bad mouthing her... She cracked up.

Guess that's it for now.  Take care all of mine and go in safety always.  Remember to see the silliness in yourself, it sure helps on those bad days.

Many hugs, much love and lots of laffter... meems

Posted On 11/03/2014 06:30:53

2014-11-03 EMOM'S MOUNTAIN NEWS - Monday

Woo Hoo!!  Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home!  Get in here... get warm and comfy... Skim ice out there again.  I don't care what the wx stations say!  If I have skim ice out there the temp is below freeezing...usually in the 20's.  So there!  An aside here... Wx people are the only ones I know of who can be consistantly wrong on their reports and still keep their jobs... lololol  Gotcha! 

Here's another one. Dutch asked/reminded me if I remembered the time change. Well, I keep a log book...same company for years.  Well, this year the 'book' said time change weekend.  Ok so I started two weekends ago to set back the time.  Hmmm.  Anna keeps telling me that time change is this past weekend.  Ok so I finally get around to double checking both week-end info in this year's book.  How bout both week-ends show time change??? Sheesh!  Got my new log in the mail recently.. check it.  2015 also has two separate week-end time changes.  Duh,  emom, learned sumfin new.  Did you brats know that United Kingdom all the way to Australia have a time change a week earlier that our continent?  Makes sense to me... welllllll, maybe not.  lololol  Am I out of the 'loop' or what?  So anyway, I spent the whole week with two different times in different rooms.  Come to think of it ... I think I need to change the clock in the living room.. Do I have a clock in the basement? Dunno, need to check...

Oh, I forgot to tell y'all about the trip to the drugstore after my visit to Kim's.  Tim, driver of the Mountain Transit, took me to the discount drugs to pick up some needed items.  Well, I go in.. try to business like cause I am on somebody else's time.  OK, so I go to the register to pay - look behind me and you'll NEVER  guess what was standing there.  How bout a small human sized green lady M&M!  Yup, not making this up.  I tried to buy her - have it given to me (I really looked pitiful), tried to shop lift her (didn't have a pocket big enuf)  I think I destroyed the decorum at the drugstore.  Well, ratz!  But I did have the best time!  lolol  Ya know, I think they locked the door behind me when I left.  To be on the safe side?????? lololol

Guess that's it for now.  Take care and go in safety.  Remember to try to hold onto the 'loop'. letting loose can cause real problems!

Many hugs, much love and lots of lafter always... emom-meems

Posted On 11/02/2014 14:10:47


At least I think it's sunday... Haven't checked with Anna yet to be sure. The way I sleep anymore, I'm never quite sure when I roll out...

Now, Welcome home, my dear hearts, welcome home.  Colder'n hell out there right now, so get in here and get warm.  Just a reminder here... Play nice and no food fights.  AND DO NOT feed the dogs from the table!!!! lolol  Now, how's that for a start to a new day? I'm laffing at myself already. Looked out back when I woke up this morning. Thermo on the porch was right at 30o.. uh oh! porch is always 10+ degrees higher than the actual.  sure enuf, reliable thermo said 20o and there was skim ice all over the trees and anything that would hold the rain/snow fall.

Got a message from the Marv yesterday saying he was ''glad to see I have decided to rejoin the human race".  And, just what does that mean?  I am gonna have to sit down with the boy and discuss this situation.  I'm not really sure I want to be associated with about half of that bunch.  lololol  Gotcha all!  You all thought I was gonna say sumfin else didn't you?  Gotta watch me when I'm on a roll!

Managed to get the bills paid today.  And I don't know if anybody else has this problem now but I can NOT hand write sumfin without making critical errors!  Truth... Had to void 3 checks to get one correct... Do we have time to discuss the errors made on the envelopes? Sheesh!  Has my brane confused (totally) hand writing and typing?  We all know that typing/delete is a LOT easier than erasing indellible handwritten ink.  So is it just me?  Any body else notice this self change?

Another thing today.. Anna called... told me it's Sunday... OK, I accept that...I forgot to ask the date... I look at the corner thingy on the screen and I swear to you it said the 3rd... Now, my brane goes into semi-high gear.  Finally double check and now the corner thingy says the second. Shut up, Marv!  I don't need any help here... but then again, some might be better than no... help that is!

Now, I'm gonna try to get a couple of pix posted.  Hoping for the best.  Take care all of min...go in safety always.  Remember that ''humanous'' can be hysterical at times... Enjoy!

Many hugs, much love and lots of lafter your way... the emom-meems

             &nb sp;  Am I confused or what???? lololol

Posted On 11/01/2014 11:44:54

2014*11*01 Saturday EMOM'S MOUNTAIN NEWS 0900 HRS

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home.  GIT YOUR BUNS IN HERE! RIGHT NOW!!!! Sheesh!  Get over there near the electric stove  but grab a coffee mug first...coffee or tea??? Man! Is it nasty cold out there today or what??  Snow, freezing rain, lots of wind overnite.  Now I have a finish strip on the back porch flapping in the wind.  Any volunteers wanting to hang over the porch roof to drive a few nails??????? lolololol Now, don't everybody jump on the wagon at once.... No takers????  lolol 

Heard the Clyde carrying on out back overnite... I went out to see/hear what was going on... could hear another animal growling... loudly!  I came back in - got the pistol - back out.  Fired one round into the ground... strange animal went dead silent and the Clyde was right behind me... Anna and I talked about it... could have been a bear (don't speak/translate bear yet)...a mountain lion...but it didn't sound like a big cat... I've heard them before.Came back in the house with both dogs and back to bed.  Was real quiet the rest of the nite.  Oh ratz!  I just remembered we have a young bear that's moved into the area.  Has been spotted several times this summer on the road at/near the new strip mining site... Oh dear!

Was out back about dawn to take some pix of the snow, YES - SNOW, on the ground and on the trees.  Not a whole lot, but really early for the season.  Now I need to play with puter and cam to get shots uploaded. Hope they turn out ok. I've mentioned the winds from last nite... can you say Nor'easter???  Blowing so hard the trees were bending double and the leaves were flying...BooHoo there went my fall colors...daggone it! But, with the rain/snow/mix melting and running down hill, I can hear the creek rolling along.  Just wish I could get to it...and there is a beautiful waterfall about a quarter mile upstream from me. I wish it were mine to see every day.

What else?  Can I tell you how much I hate the time change??? The kids go to school in the dark (house lights on) and come home in the dark (house lights on) both directions on a bus for miles.  I've been led to believe that the time change was conceived to conserve energy.  I still don't understand the logic if there is any.  Kids will be up (lights on) at least until they get the homework done, right?  Anybody help me to understand in a manner I can understand?  lolol

Almost forgot again... A month or so ago, I was invited to post the Mountain News on the FB page belonging to the Beattyville Enterprise Newspaper.  Well, I was thrilled they wanted to have my posts... (Bout broke my arm patting myself on the back...flutter, blink) Well, the next thing I knew, the Enterprise wanted to publish my News in their weekly paper.  Oh yeah!  YES! WooHooooooo! Then, I heard someone was upset about my comments about the Storm Gods.  Did not see the humor in what I wrote... OH DEAR!  I went back to playing with the ticks and itches.  Can you say pity party?  lololol  Sheesh!  Well, I've decided that if a person doesn't like what I write, then don't read... Simple, right?

Guess that's it for the time being... gonna go play with the camera for a bit... keep your fingers crossed for me.  Take care all of mine - go in safetly always.  Remember to develop the habit of laffing at yourself... It'll keep you going in the long run.

Many hugs, much love and loads of lafter.... meems

Posted On 10/31/2014 06:07:30

Friday - 2014-10-31  Emom's Mountain News 0500 hours

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home!  Get your buns in here out of the cold - 32 degrees out there and looks like some frost might be gathering. It's getting to that time of the year where I need to stock up on the goodies and edibles... Goodies come first you notice??? lolol  And pop... ice cream.. Always have plenty of coffee stacked away.  Chocolate, pop and coffee and I Will survive.

Let's see here... let's get the bad stuff out of the way first... I now have a strip-mining job going on!  About an uphill mile and upstream from the house.  Heavy equipment rumbling and some explosions/ dynamite?  House rattles and my collectibles are 'walking' off the shelves.  Who knew?  I had a shelf come off the wall in the kitchen a little while back...Hit me on the head and broke some stuff..  Now, I have an explanation...Oh well, my Lady of the Mountain will watch over all of us critters.  Biggest problem will be the snakes scattering away from the site come spring... but, I've had snakes before... lolol

Big sorrow here... My little puppy, Homer, has disappeared.  Going on the fourth day now.  Damn!
He had me almost trained to understand his wants and needs...Cutest lil feller...Another Damn!

Some good news now???  I seem to be recovering nicely from the Lyme (tick bite) disease and the gout. Spent a lot of time flat on my back... feet propped up.  You know the drill!  Of course, the Marv and the Anna and the G'cutter were on me constantly to ''go to the doctor''!  lololol  I called them the Yiddisha Mamma, Poppa and Yenta.  No disrespect meant here... just the plain unvarnished truth! God love 'em... they kept me going.  Ya know, tough love can be a hard thing to live with!

Well, I went to the Doctor... I think I am going to be charged quadruple for the visit... I spent 90% of the time jabbering with the other patients and the staff.  I had the best time.  Would I disturb the serenity of Kim's office???  Oh yeah!  With no hesitation.  And I had to use the Mountain Transport System to travel.  Again, I had the best time... Had two different transporters...one Brenda (to town) and Tim (back home) Brenda knows Anna!  Gee, did I fill her ears!  lolol  Now I'm afraid to look out the front door... Anna might be waiting... Gotcha, Brat.

Oh, I'd better add... apologies to any one I might have offended on/during the trip... I can get tooooo carried away sometimes... I get high on life and people... Yup, I do! Take care, all of mine...go in safety always. Remember there is a reason we are here on this earth...be the best you know how.

Many hugs, much love and please, lots of laffter everyday.  emom-meems aka the terMOMinator

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