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In case you missed it.....
Posted On 03/26/2013 09:27:59

Just in case you've missed it and I did.  I answered Keejac's blog about signing in to view pages.

Then went back to the Home page and saw that Darcy had reenabled people to view pages again on 3/26 which is today.  She asked if you have comments or other concerns to "contact us" at the bottom of each page.  I've just done that and asked that we return to the way it was. 

Now you have to make yourself heard too if you are not in agreement with having anyone and everyone see your page without being a member.  Take Facebook for example.  People have posted links to their Facebook page, click the link and you don't get to their page without being a member or being asked to join first.

I for one don't want to risk people doing anything to the pictures I might post.  Read my answer to Keejac's blog to find out why. The internet is NOT a safe place, let's keep OUR site safe.  Ellie

Posted On 01/29/2013 13:52:30

Just to keep everyone informed.  I received 2 emails from a friend of mine, thinking they were legit, I did click on the links in the emails.  Woe to me.  I ran MSE, a quick scan, it showed nothing.  Then I thought to run a full scan, and low and behold it picked up 2 Java exploits, one being severe.  Good thing I did run that full scan. 

I had no reason to think my friend would send me anything bad, when I did get in touch with her, she said she never sent either one and had heard that this was part of the Java scare!

Be very careful when you click on email links. All is OK now, but wondering what would have happened if I'd not have run that full scan.  They could have sat there for a long time.

Hugs,  Ellie 

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