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11/24/2020 17:23:33

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving...

11/19/2020 10:36:20

a little puppy cuteness for you

have a nice day..hugs..mk

11/16/2020 10:06:18

good morning, boy this month is sure flying by. finished my christmas shopping yesterday..(had to do it all online) just hope i get everything on time. hope you enjoy your start to this new week..hugs..mk

11/12/2020 09:32:43

i hope your week is going well, thought i would send you some pumpkin donuts..(don't they look good?) have a wonderful day..and stay safe...much love..marykay

11/09/2020 10:19:05

hello, hope you had a nice week-end. the weather here was absolutly beautiful! wish it could stay like this...have a pleasant day...hugs..marykay

11/05/2020 09:18:53

good morning, i have been pretty busy this week. since it's been so nice out, i trimmed alot of bushes, pretty proud of myself, they turned out looking really nice. i usually get some-one to trim them in the spring. hope everything is well with you...have a wonderful day..hugs..marykay

10/28/2020 20:43:31

Halloween is near....

10/28/2020 10:06:36

10/26/2020 11:45:47

good after-noon, did you have a nice week-end? wishing you a nice monday..hugs..marykay

10/23/2020 10:11:58

happy friday...hoping your day is pleasant..hugs..mk

10/21/2020 11:07:22

a rainy day here, made banana bread this morning, later i plan on rearranging my living room..i get bored with it the same way all the time...what's your plan for the day? hugs..mk

10/19/2020 08:22:36

good morning, hope you had a nice week-end. i got to spend sunday with my grand-babies...sure was nice to have them over, they grow up so fast. wishing you a lovely fall monday..hugs..mk

10/15/2020 19:43:42

Another week has faded..looking forward to the weekend, and next week..will be on vacation (beach) starting this Sunday..long overdue. Enjoy the weekend -:)

10/14/2020 09:18:06

happy wednesday, hope your week is going well, it's been pretty chilly here for the last couple of weeks...take care..mk

10/12/2020 09:01:27

have a lovely start to the week...hugs..mk

10/10/2020 08:58:19

wishing you a happy and peaceful week-end...to anyone affected by delta hope you are safe..hugs..mk

10/07/2020 08:33:17

have a sweet day...hugs..mk

10/05/2020 08:49:21

happy new week...hugs...mk

10/02/2020 08:25:00

wishing you a happy friday..hugs..mk

10/01/2020 20:31:32

10/01/2020 10:57:23

happy october...hugs..mk

09/29/2020 19:06:06

Happy Birthday to you -:)

09/28/2020 09:06:38

a rainy dreery day here..wishing you a happy monday..mk

09/26/2020 21:45:05

Hope your weekend is grand -:)

09/26/2020 09:57:53

wishing you a lovely fall week-end...hugs..mk

09/25/2020 07:17:48

stopping by to say hello, have a nice day..mk

09/23/2020 07:52:51

wishing you a most wonderful day..mk

09/22/2020 13:35:03

09/21/2020 09:20:56

enjoy the last day of summer..hugs..mk

09/19/2020 20:01:26

merchandiser wrote:
Since people are living well past a hundred now, 70 is the new 50.  So hang on to your hat... and hit the 70's on a roll... it beats walking through it.  Happy Birthday.  I do not celebrate birthdays any more.  I always celebrate the anniversary of my 49th birthday.  I have had twenty anniversaries and look forward to my 21st next April.

Hi. Mark from Long Island, NY here. Thanx for commenting on my "Block Party from Hell" post.  Wow. We're both 69 ..but me...only 9 days left until I hit the dreadful 70.  (9-29) OMG .OMG.OMG. I hope I can keep my sense of humor as I fall into the abyssmal realization that I won't be dating 30 somethings anymore . Oldest date I ever had was 35 and that was over 40 years ago.  Take care.  Stay safe.  Stay dry.   

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