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To have a little bit fun click on one of
the images/buttons below. Enjoy it!

Click on the Link below to watch Elvis Hits,
just click on whatever you want to hear!

Hello Friends and Visitors thanks for visiting my Page.
Walk around and enjoy it. You are always WELCOME.

If you click on the Link below you will come to the page from Obernzell.
This page will tell you more than you probably wish to know about
the township (Obernzell at the Danube, near Passau) in which I live.
Click there on any button.
Sorry, this Page is only available in German Language.

  Click on the Link below to view more
from the City Passau on the 3 rivers, Danube, Inn and Ilz.
You can watch there the weather images
from sunrise to sunset.
Sorry, the Webcam is at present out of oder.

To watch it in FULLSIZE click on this Symbol  .


  Please note:
Don’t copy anything from my Layout (BG, Header etc.)
and my graphics without my permission; respect it.
~*~ Thank you! ~*~

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06/18/2018 10:34:01


Dear friend Angelika--You have such beautiful pages. You are so talented. I hope all is going well with you.***Today looks like may have rain. Warm and humid. ***I will not be on the hill again for a while. We are going to Ohio to see children and grandchildren who have graduated from high school. ***Where did all the years go.  We haven't seen them for several years. So getting things arranged. ***Have a wonderful week. Hugs and love Helen

06/18/2018 09:02:44

This page touches the child that's still inside me:) ♥

06/09/2018 19:13:47

Related image

Hi Angelika, thanks so much for your comment always is nice to hear from you. I do realize that I have those double things on my page and will try and get them off of there. thanks for that.

Too bad you have the thuunderstorms every day, not good for the t.v. and computer work is it?

I am keeping well now after the heart attack last year. taken me a whole year to feel really well again.

Yes Photobucket is expensive now so I have gone to Dreamies.de which I like but know it is a lot of work to transfer things over to that.

Hope this finds you well Angelika, take care and think of you often.

Love and hugs , blessings too.   Moe

Hello dearest Moe,
I was a very long time not Online. I hope your health is going well. Since one week we have every day a heavy thunderstorm, that means the computer and also the TV must be powering off, not really funny.

I'm still using PhotoBucket, because I've stored there so many Images for my Layouts and it's very time consuming to transfer it to Dreamies. They have now a new management and prizes, but to expensive for me.
I wish you a beautiful and relaxed Weekend.
Sending much Love from across the many miles,

P.S. I've noticed that on your Page some text is twice, like About Me, What I like etc.


06/08/2018 22:16:16

I love this and the other tags you left today. You do great work, my friend! *hugs* and be safe during the storms...

AngelikaG wrote:

AG-Weekend_2Cats_purrfect_350.jpg photo AG-Weekend_2Cats_purrfect_350.jpg

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