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77 years old
China Grove, North Carolina
United States

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JOB: Retired
RELIGION: Protestant
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Facing the Giants

Easy listening and Rod Stewart

I'm a mystery book reader. Vince Flynn is my favorite writer.

In this economy it is Gold..Just wish I had several bars of it..



Born,raised and still live in rural America.
Petite, mother of 3, grandmother of 7, great grandmother of 8. I live in the same house that I was born in. After my mom died, I bought the house my parents built; raised my children here, and if the Lord is willing I hope to die here. It's comforting to wake up and see the area I have looked at all my life.

Friendly and easy to know people.

Working with my Paint Shop Pro program and learning to make graphics. It's been a wonderful learning experience, and there is still so much to learn.

Spending time with my friends, in person or on the internet

Hugs and Smiles from grandchildren

Working in my yard. I'm an outside person

Hearing foul language and people using GOD's name in vain.

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08/11/2018 02:08:14

I chatted with Beth this morning and she's doing OK.
They've been visiting their family for the past three weeks
and now she's got all of that catching up to do at home.

I told her that I've had some lovely comments on our Layouts.

I've been putting some of my old Halloween Layouts into the new code,
so Shell should have them up ready for Halloween.

Tomorrow is my usual day out and I do look forward to it.

Hoping that your weekend is a good one.

Love and hugs ...

08/10/2018 04:14:52

I've been off line all day. Not happy Sonn.
I love that early morning first coffee too. I don't function until the second mug is empty. lol

Yes it is great that Shell has her Group up and running well again,
just a shame that so much was lost with the old Group.

I've got lots of catching up to do now, so I'd better say bye.
Stay cool.
Luv and hugs ...

08/10/2018 04:03:41

Ahh, I see you've chosen one of Elizabeth's. I have Beth's permission to use her Tutorials for my Layouts. I should pop your face onto this one and then it would be a true BikerChick page. lol

I don't have plans for today but there is always plenty to do around the house.

Take good care of you dearest Sonn.
Luv and hugs ...

PS my internet is down .... again. I'll just have to wait for it to come back before I can post.

08/08/2018 19:50:38

Hi Sonn, It was such a lovely surprise to have you visit.

I liked that black cat too, that's how he managed to take pride of place on my page. lol
My friend Betty was surpridsed with the most adorable little ragdoll kitten for her birthday. Quite the opposite to my kitty here. Bett's in love and her little Bella, as she called her. It's as if Bella has given her a new lease on life. I haven't seen Betty so happy in ages.

I too, dread going to the dentist. Pensioners here, have free dental care. We are so very lucky. Unless it's an emergency there's a long wait but hey, I can handle that.

Shell has a new setup for collecting her Layouts. Very easy to use and she's managed to get her NOTH Group up and running again. She's so clever with code and understanding it. I can pop images in, in the right places but that's about my limit. lol

Hoping that you're staying well and sending loads of love and big hugs too.

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