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76 years old
China Grove, North Carolina
United States

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RELIGION: Protestant
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Facing the Giants

Easy listening and Rod Stewart

I'm a mystery book reader. Vince Flynn is my favorite writer.

In this economy it is Gold..Just wish I had several bars of it..




Born,raised and still live in rural America.
Petite, mother of 3, grandmother of 7, great grandmother of 6. I live in the same house that I was born in. After my mom died, I bought the house my parents built; raised my children here, and if the Lord is willing I hope to die here. It's comforting to wake up and see the area I have looked at all my life.

Friendly and easy to know people.

Working with my Paint Shop Pro program and learning to make graphics. It's been a wonderful learning experience, and there is still so much to learn.

Spending time with my friends, in person or on the internet

Hugs and Smiles from grandchildren

Working in my yard. I'm an outside person

Hearing foul language and people using GOD's name in vain.

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04/14/2017 08:13:19

 photo BlessedEaster2017.jpg

Hello dear Sonjia! Thank you for stopping by! I'm glad you liked the Easter tag. It was really fun making that last one. I found a tut for it except I had to make my own text because I wanted it in both English and Swedish. The tag above is one I created on my own. 

I don't know if the #1 person wants the apartment, but I'm not sure I like it enough to move either. I'm so unsure. Olov said that it is small and will be difficult to put in the furniture. So now I need to decide at the latest tomorrow. If I knew that there would turn up something better in the near future I'm willing to wait. I've waited this long so I can take it a little bit more. But we don't get any younger, do we?

So you're already mowing your lawn?! That's also a job I'm not too fond of. But the way it looks right now I'll have one more summer with mowing the lawn.

Well, my friend ... I hope you're having a blessed Easter!

Lotsa hugs, Margareta

PS. Do you ever hear from Kay? It's ages since I heard from her.

04/11/2017 15:58:50

 photo EasterParingsk2017.png

Hello dear Sonjia,

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you a great Easter too! It's so nice to hear that you have spring over there ... I suppose we do too even though here it so far doesn't even mean we've got rid of all the snow. It actually snowed a little yesterday. But most days now the temperature is above zero (Celsius) so it's thawing little by little. Usually the leaves start showing up at the beginning of June or maybe if it's a warm year at the end of May. 

It's so sad when the frost takes your blooming flowers, isn't it? I hope your bushes didn't die!

Yesterday I got an invitation to come and look at an apartment, so Olov will do that for me on Thursday. I'm not first in line but 2nd. I keep my fingers crossed that the first person says no to it because at least on paper it looks as something I'd like to move to.

Lotsa hugs, Margareta

03/30/2017 00:37:57

Dropping by to say Hello....

03/18/2017 17:52:58

BikerChick wrote:
I use IE, and I don't see any missing image when I look at my page, and I can see the image in the top of your message box.

Well, warmer days and nights are back again.  Those low 20 degrees at night are long gone, hopefully.  At least we're in the mid sixties today and tonight will be in forties.  We had rain yesterday and last night, so a bright sunny today.  Love this Spring weather while we have it.

Sorry about your friend passing away.  I've lost several good friends of mine too.

Hugs sent to you down under.

Thanks for gettimg back to me Sonn.
This only seems to happen on Firefox.

More hugs ...

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