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Romance and mystery

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Eric Clapton, Bob Seger, Eagles and Fleetwood Mac
Most country.. Don Williams, Bill Anderson, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson

To much computer playing.. I don't read much


All kinds.... Living in Tx we eat lot Tex-Mex.. Love fish but don't live close to a coast so most our fish is fresh water fish like catfish and bass.. Also chicken livers and glizzards with southern cream gravy....



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I'm retired.. So I have lot time to play on computer.. Have been married to same guy 47 years this year... He was in Air Force 28 years... Now works for University of Texas... We've lived in Fl, twice in NM, Colo and UK for 3 years plus he did tour in Korea... We have one son...
I love doing graphics with Paint Shop Pro and AnimationShop... I help others learn psp when I can...

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Do PSP graphics



I liked working in yard until my knees got so bad I had quit.... I always sewed lot... Now computer takes up my time..

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08/16/2014 15:00:33

 photo Pupsweekend_zpsef51d9e7.jpg

Thank you for all the nice comments this week I am hoping to get some time to work out in the garden this afternoon. Temp. is in the mid 70Fs so Shouldn't be too hot. I am healing up but my knee is still sore. I actually fell over hubby's shoes he left them in a bad place. He has had a habit of doing that and they were hid by the skirt of the armchair. He swears he will never ever leave them laying around again. So far, so good. I guess I should have reminded him to put them away but hate to nag.

I hope you are keeping well and enjoy your weekend. How the days are flying by. It will soon be Fall and I am thinking of what to use as my Fall Page. I have a lot of pictures and picking out the right ones will be interesting. Hard to believe the kids will be back in school and the leaves will be changing. Nights are getting earlier now and by September they will really be drawing in.

Hugs, Eileen

08/13/2014 17:30:44

 photo oie_140458nOZT1do9_zps894382b0.jpg

 It was a really busy weekend, we went to the baseball game on Sunday afternoon and then out for dinner.

Monday was extremely hot, reached 98F or 36.6C at the school a few streets away. Thank Goodness for A/C I would have been miserable without it. Then we had a violent thunderstorm in the evenng. Seem right over us as it shook the house when it thundered but very little rain. Last night it was very wet. We had 1.65 inches of rain but we really needed some. It has been so dry. I hope it helps the fires burning in the eastern part of the state. There are even a few on this side of the mountains.

I had a nasty fall last week and was hurting for a few days but am finally starting to feel better. At least I didn't break anything thank goodness. Just hurt.

Hope the rest of the week goes well for us all. :-) Hugs, Eileen

08/09/2014 17:35:47

Comments by DocShellDesigns

I just couldn't find a comment tag that was red enough. lol
Enjoy your weekend Eva.
Hugs ...

07/31/2014 14:46:37

 photo 5z4p121.jpg

It's going to be another hot day here and no rain in sight but then it is summer time. Hope your day is going well, Hugs, Eileen

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