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76 years old
Cape Town
South Africa

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Dr. Zhivago: special memories.

Male Choirs; Choir Music...and the evergreen Music of Yesteryear! Ochestral as well as Instrumental...with Singing!

All Kind of Handwork Craft Books! Poetry Books English...and Afrikaans: "Groot Verse" Books

Green. and I love all the Autumn Colors!

All the different Curry Dishes...The Cape Bobotie!and Yellow Rice...Making Hot puddings, and making my own home-made Bread!

I am a pleasant loving caring person, who loves to reach out to others...and am gifted to sense when there is Emotional needs:I then Encourage Inspire, and give new Hope! I am a Widow missing my Beloved Husband Reynold to whom I was married 40yrs. He was a Loving...Caring...Giving and Kind person.We were Blessed with a beautiful relationship and Who passed on suddenly on the 21st February, 2008 and I miss him very much.We have two sons..Our eldest son died at age 31yrs in an accident 7yrs ago...on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and we have a son 34yrs and three Grand-children...whom I love to bits and I see them when I can. My Hubby, Reynold played the Saxophone and Clarinet, whilst I play the piano. All my life, I have been a Parcial Cripple...which limits my walking movements, but never deters me from any task set before me! Unless...my pain becomes too severe! I have certainly come to the conclusion thát... "If I love myself enough..."I can speak about my Gifts and Limitations"

I have since a very young age had a great love for God's word, the Bible.I love to be surrounded by nature, for GOD proclaims HIMSELF in the Waterfalls descending from the Mountains..the Forest...in the Songs of the Birds...and the warmth of the Sun...in the midst of Thunder and lightning of a storm...and the swelling of the waves of the Sea, as the current ebbs and flows! I simply love writing...creating cards that bring Joy and Sunshine in the lives of others. I love the Winter Season, and cooking lovely hot meals. Because I had to spend so much time in bed...I love all my handcraft, my hands are never idle, and it brings me endless Joy and satisfaction when I can create beautiful things.
I too have a great love of Poems Prose and Quotations...which if not too long I memorize and recite! I love to go up to people and speak to them!for...you never know what treasures, you might be missing!

Gossiping! people hurting others by being unkind.
Being cruel to animals...for they cannot speak!

I love gardening, I love seeing a flower that has bloomed, that was not there Ýesterday! Leading our Bible Study Group...doing all my Handwork Crocheting,Knitting, Embroidery, Ribbon Embroidery and Sewing. Corresponding via letter or e-mail, to the many young people that leave our church and South Africa to work overseas.Playing Piano...Making Cards, writing and doing Calligraphy!

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05/13/2018 01:19:56

Happy Mother's Day Genevieve. Thinking of you. with love Moe

03/31/2018 22:52:06

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Dearest Genevieve,thank you for your blessing for Easter. May God Bless you and I hope you will have a good Easter with Love , hugs and many blessings. take care. thinking of you. Love Moe

My very dearest Moe,

May Joy and Peace fill Your heart as You Celebrate Easter Morning, and may the Blessings thereof grant You a heart filled with thankfulness because of His Healing Touch . . . Enjoy each moment of His sustaining Love and Presence in Your Life.

God Bless always, love from my Heart to Yours Geneviéve


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