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69 years old
San Joaquin Valley, California
United States

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The Other Sister
To Kill A Mockingbird
How Green Was My Valley
Steel Magnolias
The Quiet Man
The Sea is Watching
A Man Called Peter
Bird of Paradise


I love church hymns. My favorite is Vestal Goodman singing Rock of Ages and I try to listen to it every night just before bed. I also love the 1950s & '60s rock 'n roll I listened to as a teenager. Celtic music and opera also hold a special place in my heart.

Angel Comments

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I've loved books since the first day I learned to read. The thicker, the better, as long as it's a good story. I carry one with me everywhere. My husband has a Kindle but I want to feel the weight, size and texture of a real book in my hands (I've warmed up to the Kindle out of necessity...sigh.) I got a Kindle PaperWhite for Christmas. Took a bit of doing to get used to it but it's kind of fun when it does what I want it to.
The Bible
New Passages
Women Who Run With The Wolves
Thorn Birds

If I had a room like this, I'd never leave it.

Book & Candle Comments

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purple, lavender, lilac
aqua, teal
"dusty" shades and vintage colors and patterns

Cornbread, hamburgers, pork roast. Nothing can beat a full breakfast of biscuits, eggs, gravy, bacon and sausage. Our whole family enjoys breakfast for dinner once or twice a month. I've been a coffeehead for over 50 years and can't do without my 3 cups a day.

2/9/2018 - the cold fronts continue to keep our temperatures in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. I love winter and wish it would last 6 months of the year with the other half going straight to summer. I'm thankful for having good health so far, our daughter has a new job she'd been wanting, I'm blessed to still have my mother so 2018 has started off pretty well.

I keep busy by doing genealogy work and lookups. If any of you on NOTH are interested in finding out more about their family history, I have 16 years of experience, work for free and would be glad to help. I love research so don't be shy about giving me a project.

The video below is a profound commentary on the choices people make in how they react to and perceive the society they live in. It's a commencement speech that author David Foster Wallace made in 2005. It was made into an excellent short film and is a real eye-opener. Be aware that the narrator talks fast and the film itself uses a lot of fast forward motion so one has to listen carefully and pay very close attention.


Texas born and grew up in California, the oldest of 4 girls and a boy. I met my husband at work in 1967; we married 3 1/2 years later. Our son was born in 1986, has schizoaffective disorder and lives with us. Our daughter came along in 1991. She graduated from college this year and is a nutritionist. I've done all kinds of things to make a living - chopping cotton and cutting grapes when I was 13; shelving books and sweeping classroom floors when I was 16; cafeteria server, cashiering and secretarial work after I was grown. I retired in 1997 after 15 years in advertising and journalism at a major newspaper.

Get Your Own Free Hypster.com Playlist.

I love my NOTH friends. Angels, art, being at home, bibles, carousels, comfortable shoes, computers, cooking, Country French decor, country music,cows, Cracker Jacks, digital cameras, gazebos, genealogy, grape jelly, hard candy, hummingbirds, kaleidoscopes, kitchen appliances, labyrinths, mermaids, old movies, old time rock n roll, reading, quilts, Pinky Lee, Spam, Tootsie Rolls, Tree of Life

Being outside, drug abuse, drunks, people who act stupid, planes, rap, rudeness, travel and the restrictions that my son's mental problems have placed on him and us.

Computers, collecting cows, cooking, genealogy, photography, reading

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01/15/2018 14:32:11

Well Linda, tell him I said Happy Birthday! My great-nephew, Cody is 32. Cody has been handicap since birth, blind&never walked or crawled, cannot  feed him self. We so adore him!! An office chair uh?? That is neat!! We have had snow flurries all day! Around 23 here, I believe, Take care my friend! Shirley"We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do." #quote #inspire #motivate #inspiration #motivation #lifequotes #quotes #smile #dogood #positivity

01/03/2018 16:05:47

Happy New Year Linda!! Sure hope it is a healthy one for you all! Hugs Shirley

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