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28 years old
Victor, New York
United States

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Rainbow I love all colors and love the rainbow colors together.

Burritos (5 Layer at Taco Bell)

Heidi with Shirley Temple Most Shirley Temple movies and Meet Me In St. Louis. I like Judy Garland Movies and Margaret O'Brian movies.

Judy Garland
judy garland as dorothy pictures

Judy Garland had such a rough day. She got in trouble at school by humming during class. So now she is laying down in bed.

Driving by to say Hi
just stopping by to say hi pictures

Shirley is driving by to say Hi.

Joyful226 my grandma joyful226

Happy  Birthday
happy birthday my dear Jevelle pictures

Happy 13th Birthday April 17, 2018

I am 13 years old born in 2005 I love the smell of flowers, I go church every Sunday with my grandma and see a lot of nice people there. I like to read the Bible. I love to dress up in pretty clothes and look at pretty colors.

I like to write stories I love art all kinds. I like to make Blingees too.

Rock and roll
rock and roll pictures

Look at this cute little kitty. Isn't it cute? One day it's owner's daughter Shirley Temple said the cat was so cute that it ran to the theater and went on the stage and the spotlight shined on her and she did her cute little kitty dance. Just look at the expression on Shirley Temple's
face. by Jevelle

I don't like mean people.


Art, Writing, Stories, and Poems,

James Stewart
james stewart pictures

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05/05/2019 09:18:48

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicGood morning. Happy Sunday. Hope all is well with you and the weather nice.

Its over cast here in maine. Yesterday was a sunny day.

My mom and i took the chihuahuas out for a walk.

Was thinking of you. I hope you have a beautiful sunday. God bless you. :-)

04/28/2019 21:38:23

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Hello. Sorry im late. Been busy with family.

I hope all is well with you and your family.

I hope you had a great weekend.

We had rain all weekend.

My street was flooded out. Couldnt see the sidewalk.

Im getting ready to go to sleep.

Work tomorrow.

Please take care my sweet friend.

Good night and God bless you.

04/20/2019 17:51:18

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Hello my sweet friend. Hope all is well with you. I want to 

wish you and your family a very Happy Easter.

May god bless you and keep you.:-)

04/17/2019 22:10:56

Easter Blessings Joyful226

Happy 14th Birthday Jevelle wishing you only good things love and hugs Grandma. xoxoxo

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