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feeding swans

83 years old
United States

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I had to change my comments about movies because we bought a new tv that is internet ready, so I subscribed to netflix. We just pull it up on the television and go into the site and pick out a movie we want to watch. We have seen some very good oldies and a few new ones that we enjoyed. If we do not like one we just close it out and get another one.


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I love to read.So many good books to keep up with. Mysteries,adventure,history,just to name a few. I have started several books lately that I just closed up and returned. I do not have time for trash. Leon Uris is one author I read again and again.
THE BIBLE is the one book I read every day.

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Yellow in all the hues makes me smile

Hello friend have a nice day

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Food is a hard thing to define as a favorite. So many of the foods I loved as a child are no longer allowed.For example, country ham, souse, gravy made from fried chicken, blackberry cobbler, home made biscuits I could go on and on but I am making myself hungry.
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My wonderful Bob passed away and I now live in a retirement community close to my son and his familyin the Mountains of East Tn. MY life has changed but I have a large support circle and the Lord is always near.My plan to down size was put on holwd when I became very ill after
thanksgiving. My blog gives mor info about that. The Lord has given me some more time here on earth and I plan to use it for his glory.

I have two daughters ,one son and 7 grandchildren. What a joy they have been over the years.

Our oldest Grandson is married and practices law in Atlanta, our second grandson is married and practices med. in Portland Org. Our third
grandson is in his fourth year of med school and is now applying for internships. My 4th grandson graduated from the University of Georgia and is employed in a financial consulting firm in Atlanta.
Our oldest granddaughter is married and graduated from Emory university as a Nurse practitioner in women's health. Our youngest granddaughters (twins) are rising seniors in college. My 3 children keep me busy visiting their families and traveling. Not as much travel now because of Covid 19 and my health but by the connection of Zoom " we are able to keep in touch.

I like a quiet sunrise, fog on the lake,leaves that fall in autumn, the smell and sound of crunching leaves as I walk down the lane Watching the swan, ducks,geese as they travel pass our place on the lake and butterflies as they feed at the butterfly bush.. and people who


Congested places, noise and traffic, and shopping. People who do not respect our beautiful God given mountains, lakes,and streams, and burning their trash such as leaves, and trimmings from shrubs and trees, and angry cartoons and movies.

don't let yesterday use up too much of today

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give thanks

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As I stated earlier, I like to read, do a little water coloring. Nothing fancy,took some lessons and enjoy painting fog and trees.A little sewing and card making takes up all the extra time I have.
I have collected Swans for years and have small ones, large ones, hanging ones and no more room for any more. Hence the name Swanlady




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10/15/2021 23:59:35

==Stopping by to say HI

and Wish you a Wonderful

Weekend!!==  Jade

10/11/2021 18:39:52

Hello my sweet friend.

How are you today. 

Hope all is well with you.

Today is my day off from work.

Its a Holiday. Columbus Day,

Im getting ready for my drs appointment

Taking my moms car in for Inspection.

I hope it pass.

I am enjoying my day off resting.

Work tomorrow.

I hope you have a great day.

Take care. God Bless you. :-)

10/09/2021 10:43:36

10/03/2021 11:13:24

Good morning my sweet friend.

Happy Sunday to you.

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