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Tag: humor

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Seniors Have Special Moments
Posted On 03/04/2021 14:05:14 by texasjane
I have had a real time of it.  Talk about having a senior moment.  It all started last night.  I don't know what time it was when I last sent an email.  But right after that my system popped up and said it wanted to do an update and that it would take "a while" to do it.  A while turned into hours.  I watched all the Gunsmoke episodes I had recorded and was starting in on the Walker, Texas Ranger recordings before I finally got an "okay."  The screen just said,... Read More

Posted On 03/03/2021 11:38:13 by texasjane
For about a week I had gone through the 'drop its' or everything I wanted or needed was in another room.  I had an ankle and knee that was giving me problems.  Constantly getting up and down became frustrating, to say the least.  I am used to praying for guidance and giving thanks for my blessings.  Last night I prayed for God to send me someone who would fetch and carry for me.  My advice to most people when they want something specific to happen is to pray for guidance... Read More

Special Valentines
Posted On 02/06/2021 14:14:51 by texasjane
I found a treasure today.  I have had it since I was eight years old.  Wow.  I started glancing over the pages.  Oh, my goodness so much love.  The year was 1959.  It was Saturday.  I was eight years old.  I kissed Daddy on his cheek and settled on the floor to unwrap my Valentine's day present and card."A little red book shaped like a heart?  I read the front of the book, "My First Diary".  I thumbed through the pages.  All the pages a... Read More

You Had To Be There
Posted On 01/17/2021 13:13:46 by texasjane
George, a new neighbor of mine, showed up at my door with two men. I was curious, to say the least. I had taken George to the senior center here in town and introduced him around so he could get to know some of the residences. Actually, George just recently retired and moved to Texas. He was a New York policeman. Poor dear. Anyway, he and I got off to a rough start as neighbors when he tried to kill my pet squirrel, Oscar.I had decided and followed through with teaching George how things worked... Read More

Mama and the Pie
Posted On 01/13/2021 19:39:50 by azjudy
I am not sure but if I did it was one of the very first blogs that was deleted before I knew to save them as blogs.  The incident still makes me laugh whenever I think of it.  My beloved mother is no longer with us but the memories always will be.
Mama and the PieI was home from college for the holidays. Mama spent her days cooking and preparing various dishes.  One of her favorite things to bake were pies. To this day, I have never tasted a pumpkin pie as good as Mom’s but... Read More

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