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Tag: humor

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Surprise Help
Posted On 02/14/2020 13:51:49 by texasjane
Let me start out this blog by saying I am so glad to be inside where no one can help me.  Yes, re read the last sentence.. I have had a heck of a day trying not to get help.
It all started when I went out today to get my mail.  My house fronts out to a major highway and is across the street from a rest stop for truck drivers.  Huge rigs park while the drivers rest or sleep.  I went out my front door and headed across the yard to the mailbox which was situated on the edge o... Read More

Dod Oh Dod, What do I do now?
Posted On 02/06/2020 01:14:08 by texasjane
"Jane, please watch the kids for me. My sister is going to have a baby and I can't take them with me.""Sure," I said... like I could do anything about it when the three of them zoomed past us at the door. They were all headed to the TV room. I waved bye to their mom and instantly went from having a lazy afternoon to Dod oh Dod, what do I do now? When I was little I had problems with my "G's" and so when I talked to God it was Dod. I have called him that ever since. I glance at the ceiling and sa... Read More

The Neighborhood
Posted On 02/06/2020 01:08:07 by texasjane
The NeighborhoodThe ground hog's announcment that we would be having an early Spring made me think back to last Spring.  I already introduced you to Mr. & Mrs. SQ in my blog "A Squirrel's Conversation".  Their story continues.    Last Spring I was having a rather blue day.  I could find no reason for it other than the fact I was tired of Winter and a gray sky.  I had my usual coffee on the back porch to watch my backyard friends.  I had very quietly sa... Read More

Coal In My Stocking
Posted On 02/03/2020 23:45:30 by texasjane
There are a couple of "coal in the stocking stories" my grandmother used to tell me.One: A proud but poor man had 3 daughters that had reached the age to marry. The problem was, he had no dowry to give them. Through Christmas magic; Sainta Clause secretly gave the family enough money to allow their daughters to start their lives out with their new husbands.He did this by placing the money in some stockings that were drying by the fireplace. When word spread abu the miracle; the custom of putting... Read More

Turn Around and What If
Posted On 02/03/2020 23:29:30 by texasjane
Please pay attention, dear reader. The characters in this story can get confusing to anyone who was not actually there.A very dear friend of mine, named Bertha, also lived at the lake and also loved animals; had an odd habit. She loved to give her pets odd names. She had one black lab she called Turn Around. Basically, because it was her grand daughter's idea on account of the fact every time you turned around the dog was there. She followed Bertha every where.If she got out it got interesting.... Read More

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