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really don't go to movies anymore...when I did I liked something with a plot...like old films also.The postman always rings twice, Alfred Hitchcock movies. Gone with the Wind....Citizen Kane. I am old you know.

eyes too bad to read now, otherwise loved anything
john Grisholm, mysteries, who done it types....something with a plot. My grandmother always read detective books out loud all the time and she just mumbled so. It was a riot. She would scare herself reading them. They always had a lot of pictures with dead bodies riddled with bullets

pink and yellow and lavender. I go in spurts, sometimes I like dark colors and other times I go for the pastels but yellow never goes out of style long for me....love it as you can see.

veggies and chicken and italian food like lasagna and love salads. I have to have mustard on my sandwich, not mayo.I am diabetic so I have to count all my carbs and such which is a real pain. Please ,someone ,tell me if there is anything good tasting that isn't bad for you in some way....sugar in it, fat in it or bad for your cholesterol. I love fried chicken but my numbers don't

My contact is my good friend Happy Canuk.

short, love to cook and bake and love flowers and dogs, cats and riding bike. I am diabetic so give all my goodies away after I bake them. No children talk, talk, talk
I have been married to the same man for 54 years, a saint he is. My favorite thing about a person is a sense of humor because I love to laugh, in fact my hubby says I laugh about everything to his dismay sometimes. I have a sister and a brother and we are all alike. Maybe it is the irish in us. We have a good time when we get together.
Since I have no children I have helped raise my husbands and my neices and nephews through the years and they are like my own. My husband was the youngest of 11 so he has a sister that is 97 and some of his nieces and nephews are younger than him. I always worked and retired from General Electric after 40 years...still miss that some but time to take it easy I guess.

cooking, gardening,reading before my eyesight went south, riding my bicycle, a sense of humor is very important, kind people.
I like to sit on the porch and watch people coming and going. There are so many different types of people, all fascinating.
I love the smell of new shoes. My sis and I used to hold them on our hands and look at them and just smell away. In those days you did not get a new pair that often. We had everyday shoes and good shoes. I like walking in a soft rain. I am not very prissy so I do not mind looking like a drowned rat lol

Rude, loud people. I don't like cruelty in any form. I do not like to see animals abused and neglected. I hate liver and lima beans. I hate to iron. I do not like reality shows...ooops sorry about that....all
you survivor fans.

cooking ,gardening, bike riding, enjoy word games. We love our motorcycle also. We used to boat, got rid of the boat. yard sales. I used to like to crochet and knit but my eyes are too bad for any of that anymore and besides I don't want to starch all those things anymore lol because as I said, I do not like to iron.

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03/21/2019 14:45:52

Ain't it grand Rosie to see winter waving goodby.  Roll on Spring.  Saw my first robin today.  Heard her first and then tracked her down.  Oh to wear nice colours for Spring.  Lots o' Love, Anne

Enlarge photo 2

03/21/2019 14:12:15

How is your Thursday going? Mine is great; we've gotten groceries and went to the feed-n-seed store for our tomato and pepper plants, and now Dave's working outside and I'm working in. It's too soon to plant the garden just yet but we like to get our plants bought and acclimated before putting them in the ground. The sun isn't shining today and I think we are supposed to get rain. Allergy season is in full swing now with tree pollen levels off the charts. The Kleenex company sure loves me this time of year. LOL Rosie, quite often we find a snake in the hen house in the summer. Dave relocates it down at the lake about 5 minutes drive from our house. I've also found a snake in the bluebird house a time or two and that REALLY ticks me off. So when I opened the nesting boxes to find that possum the other day, I was completely taken off guard. 

Sneezing in the south~

03/21/2019 08:14:37

Анимационная картинка, открытка Первая любовь - Весна. Гиф - 3093

I wish you a wonderful spring season

full of happiness and good times!

Happy spring Rosy :) 's Jo

03/21/2019 07:18:54

good morning! hope your day goes well...hugs

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