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Everyone should always respect their elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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United States

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Too many over too wide a range to list, same basic criteria as books.

_Singer story teller classic self-performances,
_70s to 90s Top music groups pop and soft rock classics,
_Beautiful melodic male, female or instrumental,
_Straight from & straight to heart country songs,
_Smooth cool new-wave jazz,
_60s to 70s popular folk group songs
_Anything except rap-like no-low-talent screeching or purposely objectionable & abusive lyrics.

_Clever, carefully intricately intertwined suspense.
_Drama with exceptionally deep and clear human understanding and a clear point to make.
_Clean clear human nature based novel with clever twist or unique comedy element.
_Exceptionally professional, deeply researched, verified, clearly defined, historic or current non-fiction.

Sea water: deep clean translucent blue.
Sky: deep Assure blue, bright white fluffy clouds.
Trees: deep green summer, brilliant splendor fall.
Birds: clear bright varied vivid tones or yellow.
Night: deep blue-black, thousand tiny bright stars.
Home: clear and pure, peaceful nature's colors.
Car: burgundy, dark blue, metallic gray, or white.

Pure Simple Honest Quality, Clean and Well Made:
Fresh caught light flavor deep sea fish or shrimp.
Genuine Texas slow smoked beef brisket.
Juicy tender plain Steak and baked sweet potato.
Genuine St.Louis or KC Barbecued ribs and sauce.
Juicy Hamburger (only) with simplest sides.
Genuine Cajun red beans and rice.
Just-made White Castle hamburgers (bag full).
Big fresh juicy naval orange, peach, strawberries.

No way.

I have an exceptionally rare, weird & literally unknown (3,000 year-old) disease. It is 95% lethal within 15 years, 100% 1n 20 years. I am now at year 43, longest-survived confirmed case, and still have manageable symptoms.
Any and all surgical/medical issues trigger extra but unknowable risks of death from this disease, so
Emergency Contacts don't really apply. But I've set everything up to run automatically for my wife if I'm incapacitated or not here.

A work very much still in progress.

I am always curious about how things work. I try to find, investigate and learn something new each day... I hopefully share and put what I learn to some good uses that benefit many others, whether or not it helps myself.

Truth, honesty, courtesy, common sense, imagination, inventiveness, commitment, clear statement of feelings, consideration of others.
Take what life has to hand you without undue complaint or emotion, make lemons into lemon-aid with neither moaning or boasting.
Stand up for your rights; stand up, speak out, be counted.
Offer others all the help you can, every possible chance... but never expecting any praise or reward.
Always be your own best person.

Abuse of other people or anamals;
Abuse of power position or money, purposeful manipulation corruption of others, intentional negative lies or hidden facts, political correctness vs personal honesty, creating false concern or negative emotions of others, narcissism, purposefully wearing emotions on sleeve, false advertising by statement or silence, self-promotion over the backs of others...

Personal Computers; viewing Great Old & New Classics Movies; Listening to Music (many, varied genre favorites); managing an Email Circle of over 100 friends and email buddies who enjoy exchanging interesting Humor, Images, Notable and Freedom & Democracy related messages and ideas; designing & maintaining four web sites for my high school graduating class alumni organization.

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