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71 years old
Metro St. Louis, Missouri
United States

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JOB: Homemaker
RELIGION: Protestant
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My very favorite music would have to be from the 1960's--especially ballads. I also like Celtic Woman & Celine Dion.


My favorite authors are Danielle Steel and John Jakes. Danielle Steel takes me away from my every day life and transports me into pure fiction. John Jakes makes history come alive through the use of fiction and non-fiction combined. I also love children's books...and love to read them to my grandchildren!


BLUE has always been my favorite color. I do like all colors...as each has its own unique way of making me feel.


I like simple foods prepared well. Among my favorite main courses are barbecue, shrimp, pizza & hamburgers. Among my favorite vegetables are green beans, salads & spinach. My favorite fruits include peaches (of course!), apples, strawberries & bananas. My favorite desserts are many--but cheesecake ranks #1 with me! Yum!!


I am rarely on NOTH any more. I am not adding any new friends, and I am in the slow process of deleting current friends who have not been on NOTH for a long time.

My beloved parents have both died now--Dad in May 2013 (living to 92) and Mom in September 2016 (living to 93). I have 3 brothers and no sisters. I am a wife of 49 years to the handiest man I know! I am the mother of 2--a daughter and a son (but sadly, my 42 year old son died in February 2020). I am the grandmother of 6--daughter has 3 boys (ages 16, 14 and 7); son has 1 boy and 2 girls (ages 16, 15 and 13).

I am a college graduate with lifetime teaching certificate in Elementary Education and Middle School Math, English and Social Studies. I returned to college to earn my degree when my baby went to KG--and finished in 5 years by going part time. I have never taught, but I have no regrets about earning it! My parents proudly tell everyone they know that all 4 of their children graduated from college--which is something neither of them had to chance to do as after high school graduation, WWII quickly approached.


My favorite thing is my family! I was truly blessed to have had both of my parents living for so long--they were married 71 years on their last 4th of July together! Both of my children live(d) within 30 minutes of me--although both had moved out of the state at one time. That just makes me appreciate what I have even more! My six grandchildren bring such joy to my life!


I like thoughtful people, HGTV and my computer. This computer opens up the world to me--literally it does now that I am on the Hill!

I don't like lazy people who won't help themselves. I don't like people who constantly lie either.


I read a LOT!! I used to do sewing, plastic canvas and counted cross stitching, but have lost interest in them now. I guess besides reading, my hobby now is being with my family and playing on my computer--and I have rediscovered the love of reading once again!


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03/22/2020 15:39:07

As I live in Washington State where this virus first entered the country I thought I had better let you know so far I am doing ok. Life has changed a lot since I last posted. I think one does not appreciate our freedom usually but now things are different. We have been asked by the Governer to stay home. All restaurants and most businesses have been closed. My son is a barber with his own little shop but now he cannot work. No income. The virus is spreading and they are hoping to gain time to adjust everything by asking people not to go out. Church is now been videoed online as we cannot go to services. That is strange. So far 94 have died in this area and 1500 have tested positive. Not all people have bad symptoms so it's not easy to tell if you have it or not. There is not enough testing kits to go around and only medical workers and those who have symptoms are tested. I hope you all stay well. It's going to take a while, it won't go away at the end of the month so take care. Hugs and many Blessings, Eileen

03/05/2020 14:40:12

I am sorry I have n't been on the Hill much lately but I am getting old and decrepit. It takes me ages to get things done anymore and somedays I don't feel well enough to use the computer. I hope you are getting some Spring weather by now. My snowdrops have been blooming for a while and the daffodils are coming out. Don't forget to put your clocks forward and hour this Saturday night. 
Have a great day. I have not forgotten my friends. Hugs Eileen

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