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UK to USA measurements
Posted On 07/27/2013 02:45:22 by JAEB
Can anyone out there give me some advice?  Liking to try difgerent recipes from time to time I have recently found some interesting ones from the USA.  However, these refer to 'Cups' fort the ingredients and I've no iodea how to translate this into either Imperial or Metric amounts.   Any help would be much appreciated.
... Read More

My "Awakening"
Posted On 07/24/2013 10:22:44 by Jane
Do you waken with a "thought" after a night's sleep? That happened again, to me,today. I have a cousin and a nephew who are doing family geneology. I learned, a week ago, that one "line" had lots of Dutch as well as German and Welsh. Well,my mother used to paint Pa. Dutch decorations on aprons, utensils, metal work, ceramics, but I never had the personal connection. NOW I know why I like PA Dutch also. I was born in PA, one part of my family were from the Netherlands(prior to the Revolutionarey... Read More

Still more. folk to thank
Posted On 07/23/2013 11:37:04 by gerrybear
Goodness me...Your greetings are still rolling in    Babygirl561, and Defiant...thank you. Now it's 5.3.pm here in the UK and I am going out to celebrate this 83rd birthday with friends. So forgive me IF I sound big headed {But at the rate that all your greetings have been flowing in I have become presumptious} If there any more that I miss out...A thank you too for your so kind thoughts.   Love to you all from that BRIT OCTOGENARIAN,   Gerry.... Read More

In addition
Posted On 07/23/2013 10:23:14 by gerrybear
I now add thanks to Sweet moments for your greetings .  NOTH has done me proud on this birthday.  Than you ALL lovely people.      Gerry .... Read More

Thanks beautiful people
Posted On 07/23/2013 07:46:39 by gerrybear
It has been quite a while since I climbed up the Hill. So long that I have quite forgotten  just where I should post this. And so I hope that it is read by you all.         Today is my 83rd birthday, and I give thanks to Sophisticat..Kiwibarb...Refid....Homeboy...Keejac...Greenputter...Mouse and Paraspet, for the greetings sent to me....I used to visit the Hill so frequently a couple of years back to speak about my lovely doggy friend Sheba. &nb... Read More

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