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The old senator, my friend
Posted On 02/05/2013 17:54:25 by oppsgal
When I was growing up, we  had a very large buckeye tree in our front yard.  It was taller than a 2 story house.  I know how tall it was because when I would look outside my bedroom window onto the porch roof the buckeye tree still towered above me.   In the fall, the buckeyes that had been growing all spring and summer would begin to open up and fall to the ground along with its shell.  It was a big mess to clean up everyday.. And it was my job to help.  Sometimes... Read More

Winter Wandering
Posted On 01/31/2013 14:56:33 by Yanaba

(Photo courtesy of cmhowes1 at photobucket)

Note:  I wrote this (in my head) headed to north Georgia in December 2010.  It was my next to last trip to our time-share near Ellijay.

It's a crisp cold December day.  An overcast day.  A gray day.  The sun is just a white hole in the gray sky.  There are snow warnings.

I begin making my way northward.  I'm going to meet Robert and we are going to our time-sha... Read More

Birthday wishes
Posted On 01/31/2013 01:19:29 by indianboy
I apologise to my freinds for their Birthday wishes. My regret is that I wasn,t here to answer them but I,d like to take this oppurtunity to thank you all now. THANKS YOU SO MUCH... Read More

Photos Life Magazine Appalachia 1964 povert
Posted On 01/30/2013 15:44:41 by oppsgal
The piece in which Dominis’ photos appeared — an extraordinary 12-page feature in the Jan. 31, 1964, issue of LIFE, titled “The Valley of Poverty” — was one of the very first substantive reports in any American publication on President Lyndon Johnson’s nascent “war on poverty.” At the time, LIFE was arguably the most influential weekly magazine in the country, and without doubt the most widely read magazine anywhere to regularly publish major photo essays by the world... Read More

Posted On 01/29/2013 13:52:30 by grammy210
Just to keep everyone informed.  I received 2 emails from a friend of mine, thinking they were legit, I did click on the links in the emails.  Woe to me.  I ran MSE, a quick scan, it showed nothing.  Then I thought to run a full scan, and low and behold it picked up 2 Java exploits, one being severe.  Good thing I did run that full scan.  I had no reason to think my friend would send me anything bad, when I did get in touch with her, she said she never sent either... Read More

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