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Boston ..the day their earth stood still
Posted On 04/20/2013 11:22:47 by oppsgal
I saw these photos today.. and thought Yesterday was the day the earth stood still of the people here.  No movement, huddled in their homes, with family, waiting.. and waiting.. He could be anywhere.. but su rely not here.. yet surey he could be too.  God Bless the folks of Boston.  May you heal and may we never forget!! ... Read More

Posted On 04/20/2013 06:21:11 by gtrefonas
I am so Happy to be back on, NOTH  Love you all!! Kissing all my friends, Hello!!

A Terrible Week
Posted On 04/19/2013 15:07:15 by oldblueeyes99
This has been one of the worst week's I've seen in a long time. From Monday with the bombing at the Boston Marathon, then that horrific fire at the fertilizer place in Texas, then the shooting in Boston by those 2 brothers. At this time one is still missing the other is dead. Just before noontime today my oldest daughter Karen called me to tell me there had been a bank robbery up the street from me right next door to Marshall's where my other daughter works and is where she was when it occ... Read More

Rain, rain, rain
Posted On 04/19/2013 14:15:45 by Ella
Just sitting here watching a terrific fight between the wind and the rain. First the rain falls softly and then as the wind beats the rain against my window pane I see scattered tear drops lined up in layers on the glass. The rain begins again and falls steadily now and then I hear it, a knocking and beating sound as the wind catches its breath to batter up again. Who has the power, the wind or the rain? With both together are they a force to be reckoned with? Perhaps they are only involved a... Read More

On Our Corner of Paradise
Posted On 04/18/2013 19:00:32 by Junie_PapaAllen
It rained here all day Tuesday and Wednesday. In the last week-and-a-half we've had 8" of rain. I was up about 2:00 A.M. and it was raining, sleeting and snowing; all at the same time! Later it was snow and winds gusting to 30 - 40 mph. The snow is all gone but the winds are still blowing. There was much more activity north and south of us. But what we've been going through is nothing compared to Chicago and many other areas.   April 6th. a young friend of mine passed away a couple of hours... Read More

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