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Tag: memories

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Dancing with your demonsn
Posted On 08/05/2015 02:11:23 by oppsgal
Has yor head ever rested on your pillow
as you begin to think
and thoughts come to haunt you
and your heart begins to sink?
You begin to toss and turn
as the clock ticks on in time
and you dance with the demons
hidden in your mind.
The demons can be simple
or dressed in disguise
They can be real memories
Or somethi... Read More

Posted On 09/18/2014 18:23:27 by Notgrnyyet
I used to love walking up the dirt roads all around my house and listening to the sounds and smells coming from the houses of neighbors.  Down where my house was we could only hear and see Brenda's house, or maybe a train. If I heard a sound from there I pretty we'll knew what and who it was.   Brenda did have a close neighbor  on the other side. We often went through the garden gate and climbed  a mulberry tree. I don't remember mulberries smelling nice.
I loved... Read More

The Old Neighborhood
Posted On 08/13/2014 00:16:47 by BreeWolfe
The Old Neighborhood

My daughter and I took a car trip to our old neighborhood the other day. What a surprise for us both. There's a nice new restaurant where ours used to be. The building is the same but, the renovations were great. The green apartments where we first lived when we came to FL are now a soft purple with black wrought iron on the balcony railings. Simon Schwartz Grocery is gone, Wileys cleaners is gone, the 'Rent A TV' shop is gone. The Pottery Shoppe is gone, and the gas... Read More

Posted On 06/19/2014 21:13:16 by Notgrnyyet
We slept outside on starlit, summer nights when the house was unbearable—no air- conditioning back then, and it was definitely over 100 degrees most summer days. No doubt the crickets, spiders, and no telling what else, crawled over us all night  lying on  an old quilt spread out.   Of course, my brother & I, and the cousins giggled ‘til much later than our regular bedtimes since we were out of earshot from the folks.
The sun was bli... Read More

The Old Brick House part one
Posted On 06/19/2014 02:58:39 by oppsgal
The old brick house. When I was growing up a part of my childhood was spent living in a big old house on the corner of East Smiley Avenue and Third Street.  My mother rented the bottom half of the old Victorian brick home.  We had 2 bedrooms a living room dinning room and small kitchen.  Four porches, two side yards a back yard and front yard.  I shared the bedroom with my brother, and my sister.  Brother's bed was on one wall a single bed with an old iron be... Read More

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