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Tag: memories

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The Old Brick House part one
Posted On 06/19/2014 02:58:39 by oppsgal
The old brick house. When I was growing up a part of my childhood was spent living in a big old house on the corner of East Smiley Avenue and Third Street.  My mother rented the bottom half of the old Victorian brick home.  We had 2 bedrooms a living room dinning room and small kitchen.  Four porches, two side yards a back yard and front yard.  I shared the bedroom with my brother, and my sister.  Brother's bed was on one wall a single bed with an old iron be... Read More

The New R.N. in a Small Prairie Town
Posted On 05/27/2014 23:52:37 by yourchoice
I was travelling to a small Alberta town and my first job interview as a graduate nurse from the Calgary General Hospital School of Nursing. Well, it wasn't quite official ...I was still waiting for my marks, and our graduation ceremonies, but I decided to start looking for work in the area where I had grown up. I wanted to get out of the city, and close to where a friend of mine was attending college. After the initial interview by the Matron of the hospital, I was assured that a job would be w... Read More

Posted On 02/02/2014 14:35:32 by Notgrnyyet

Memories are what we draw on to remember people places and times in our life that made us either happy or sad. I choose the happy ones especially on a day when I tend to be sad or down about the things of now. Life was so simple when I was growing up. Probably due mostly to the fact that my Loving Parents took care to make me happy and protected. I just didn't know things were hard. That is a gift my Parents gave me that can never be replaced. That warm, safe, feeling loved, and wonderful yo... Read More

Posted On 01/17/2014 12:30:46 by NaturzFury2008

Posted On 08/02/2013 20:52:54 by Notgrnyyet
 Remember those crisp white shirts that men wore? All starched and ironed so neat. There was no permanet pressed then. I still love to see those white shirts. I like the pastels but nothing looks cleaner and neater than a basic white shirt. The clothes were washed on a wringer washer, hung on the clothes line to dry in the fresh air and sunshine. The clothes were brought in after they dried smelling so fresh and full of sunshine. They were then all, and I mean virtually all... Read More

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