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Tag: travel

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My new 'ARMCHAIR TRAVELS' segment...
Posted On 06/04/2015 12:19:13 by yourchoice
I'm finally here... after another wonderful road trip. When we arrived home on Tuesday, we had no telephone landline service and no Internet. Ugh! Hubby had the name of subcontractor with the phone company who had been doing work out here, so contacted him to find out what happened to our "high-speed" service. He couldn't understand what happened because he installed a new piece of cable by our house a week ago and all was working well. He couldn't come out to check until Wednesday morning, but... Read More

Welcome 2015 ... and I'm back!
Posted On 01/03/2015 23:22:34 by yourchoice
Welcome to 2015! It seemed to have appeared when I was catching some much needed sleep. We had a marvelous International Christmas, with guests from Iowa and Washington states, and Yorkshire, England. Our home was the "quiet retreat" for the grandparents, but the days were filled with adventure. Two day trips were taken to the mountains. Fifteen of us traveled in two vans to Lake Louise so the grandkids could skate on the lake, and tour the Chateau. On the way, we stopped at the Ridge... Read More

Unplanned Christmas Adventure
Posted On 12/27/2014 10:35:53 by yourchoice
I'm sure that most of us have a memory of some unusual, unplanned, unexpected, unforgettable event during the Christmas season; creating a number of responses. I would love to hear your story. Here's our story...On Christmas Eve, our daughter and family were coming from their island home off the coast of Seattle, Washington to celebrate Christmas with her Canadian family; a rare experience for all of us. At the airport, our son-in-law was told that the documentation that he uses when crossing th... Read More

Posted On 03/13/2014 00:55:59 by StoryBoat

On a sun-dappled September afternoon, I was roaming alonga deserted dirt road through the Welsh countryside. There were copses of broadleaved trees on either side of me.  My newly cataract-freed eyes spied ripe blackberries hanging from their brambles.."Brilliant!"  I exclaimed,aloud.  "I get to eat wild British fruit!"I touched a ripe blackberry and the sun disappeared behind a cloud.  I plucked the juicy blackberry and found myself standing within a dark and stormy afte... Read More

Suitcases again ... !
Posted On 03/02/2014 22:16:31 by yourchoice
Our long awaited travel destination is only weeks away now. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I NEED to pack and what I WANT to pack. Our mode of transportation is different and I no longer want to wrestle with heavy luggage. When we take road trips, we can throw everything (including the kitchen sink) in the back of the van, but this trip will be different. Size and weight of luggage has become a huge issue. 
The first item off the list of "want" to take is my computer. Only... Read More

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