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01/24/2021 18:29:40

09 July 2019 Good Night 晚安! | Good night image, Good night blessings, Good  night beautiful

01/24/2021 13:59:37

A new week is about to begin and, with it, we

 return again to the routine, the responsibilities, 

and so many things that we have to do. Get back on your feet

this Monday, enjoy it, your way and take care,


01/24/2021 13:19:31

01/24/2021 12:53:39

01/24/2021 11:06:42

hello, i hope the world has been treating you kind. enjoy your sunday..marykay

01/24/2021 10:34:06

01/24/2021 07:01:40

01/24/2021 02:34:53

Hello my dear friend, happy sunday!   kisses for you.

01/23/2021 21:10:53

Yes...last good snow was 4 years ago..

01/23/2021 18:19:01


01/23/2021 18:12:40

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01/23/2021 18:01:36

 H0w do you back up ?

Hi George:  I back up my iPad every month.  Now, if I get a new unit, I just plug in and download my data from the old pad.  Has worked over the last 4 iPads.  Back in 2009, I got one of the first iPads in Canada.  Still have it - still works but it's a very old o/s version.

Enlarge photo 1  Hugs, Anne


01/23/2021 14:17:42

Best friend, your friendship, is so important,

for me that I would travel the world, just to visit you.

 Have a good Saturday, ideal for you and yours,

and take care, in these moments, so difficult,

that we are going through with health,kisses,maria

01/23/2021 13:00:08

It's a birght lovely day here Anne.  Hope it's the same up your way.  Hugs, Wendy

Winter Hugs Gif, Animation

01/23/2021 12:22:05


Another dreary day but tomorrow it is supposed to rain.  So how is your weekend going so far?  Guess I'll just have some peppermint tea and read my kindle book.  Love the hugs!




01/23/2021 11:15:54

01/23/2021 09:28:15

Read a book, feed the birds, work on a puzzle, have a cup of tea--enjoy your free time by relaxing!

01/23/2021 09:15:21

Good Morning , Lady ....

01/23/2021 09:07:03

 Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Saturday:)
*hugs* -di

01/23/2021 07:03:51

Hello happy weekend.
Pleasant weather here . Got my new IPad in this week and my grandson
came to get it set up for me. He drove round trip about 120 miles and
only took him about 20 minutes to do it. He downloaded the stuff in the
old one to the cloud then put it in the new one. Sure is nice to have
your own in house tech support. The old one was about 13 years old, kept
crashing and running very slow. Enjoy your day and stay

Time to rest - pillar, painting, garden, flowers, woman, castle, lake

01/23/2021 05:37:33

Hello dear friend, I hope you have a happy weekend! Enjoy it a lot, and take care ... Kisses for you.

01/23/2021 03:40:32

Good morning Anne, wishing you a wonderful weekend full of smiles.

http://www.free-hdwallpapers.com/wallpapers/nature/15771.jpg | Sunrise  wallpaper, Winter nature, Sunset wallpaper
Blessed Be

01/22/2021 19:14:31

Hey Anne..weekend is here...looks like rain on Monday. Overall, January has been mild temp wise. Extended forecast says snow for Thursday..this will be interesting..as snow is a rarity here...Enjoy your weekend -:)

01/22/2021 17:55:02

01/22/2021 16:00:15

I may not be able to do comments for a time. I am having computer trouble. Please do not send any comments please for the time being.

01/22/2021 15:38:47

Bright and beautiful day here - in the 50's but a bit breezy.  Had our photo shoot a bit earlier - went well  just hope my hair wasn't covering my face.  We'll get to see the pics in a few weeks when she's bavk in town.  Hope your day is going well - it's Friday - the start of the weekend.  Hugs, Wendy

01/22/2021 15:33:19


I have to admit it ..it was hard!

But the weekend has come!

;:)))) Jo

01/22/2021 15:09:37

Today may be a hard day at work, but the

 best thing is that later comes the weekend.

 Happy Friday! Enjoy it, your way, take care,


01/22/2021 14:44:13

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday, my friend. My day is going well and I've gotten my work done but for folding laundry. I have no weekend plans, do you? One day is pretty much like the day before it and I'm really okay with that. I love routine. Have a great afternoon and restful evening. Thank you, Anne, for the huge amount of snow you sent. I could almost feel my nose sticking shut when I took a breath and the burn in my chest from the cold. While I was in the moment, I also made a few snow angels. You ROCK!!

Loads of hugs~


01/22/2021 11:28:04


I have lost count of how long it has been since we have seen the sun.  Not much measurable rain; maybe 1/2" rain in 4 days or so.  But I NEED sun and sunshine.  We have a chance for sun on Monday or Tuesday, that's it for the next 10 days.  So I just go to my pictures that are bright and cheerful.


I can't wait for my lemons to finish ripening.  Nothing as good as fresh lemonade.  So here is to Friday.  Hope your weekend is full of Blessings!


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