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Life without God is like a broken pencil. It has no point.

79 years old
Mission Viejo, California
United States

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JOB: Retired
DRINK: Socially
RELIGION: Catholic
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Most of the British movies and I have been watching some Australian TV series lately and enjoying them very much.
A Place to Call Home
Crownies followed by
Janet King
All were excellent!

I love to read and especially enjoy spy novels, Thrillers such as detective stories and who done it. Some historical novels too.
Loved all the Diana Gabaldon books.

I like a lot of different colors but probably navy, aquamarine and red are the ones I favor most.

Italian, Mexican, Chinese, seafood and good old American fare!

I don't Tweet. It's for the birds :-D

I just don't get here much anymore. I seem to spend more time on Facebook these days and have a few friends there that I also was friends with here.

I have been widowed for almost 10 years now and still miss my husband of 48 years. I manage to stay busy and try to start each day with a forward looking attitude. I am blessed to have two lovely daughters .

Kind, conservative Christian people. Peaceful surroundings, good music and to read.

Rude people, kids who use bad language in public places, pants hanging down below the waist, loud music in cars going by, rap...liver!

Reading, working on the computer...

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01/22/2018 17:50:09

01/21/2018 18:41:24

Hi, Pat:) Hope you've had a relaxing weekend. What's new on your PT appmt? The eye drops I use for my glaucoma is Combigan... is that what you're using? It has kept my pressure checked since cornea transplant. I didn't have it until after that, and now dx'd w/it in both eyes. I could write a book, as I'm sure you could, too. Once it started, it all went to heck, and lingers there still. That is a blessing that you like your new retina doc. I hope whoever he refers you to for glaucoma is a good one in all aspects of "doctorhood". Glad you didn't get rained on, but know you need rain, too. We're watching the Elementary series each night, and Glenn's asking me now, "...we gonna watch this?" haha Take care of you... love and *hugs*...

redondopat1955 wrote:

That rain never materialized...not one drop so I stayed dry.  It was a bit cool here though...the 60s and they say it will stay through the weekend.  I saw the new retina doc and he is going to be just fine.  Much younger than my last man and seems right on top of things.  He's in the same office so he had access to my records.  No change in vision or retina but he wants me to see someone who's specialty is glaucoma as he says my eye is a prime candidate for it.  I don't have it in my good eye at the moment but the bad one does and I have used drops for it for some time.  They worked so well that I have to stop using them as the pressure is on the verge of being too low...how bout that!  He'll take care of the referral and getting me the appt.  There are tests they can run to see what the chances are of my getting it.  Other than that, all went very well..  They are telling people here to stay home and away from places with lots of people.  That just breathing in the air of someone who is sick can give it to you. I'll be staying in too and hoping neither of us gets it!  It's at epidemic porportions here now!  Stay warm and well...you and Glen!  Hugs...Pat

01/21/2018 13:52:22

Hi, Hope your Sunday is going well.


01/21/2018 09:33:56

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